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Spreading the Word about Mormon Polytheistic Theology
Norton R. Nowlin. M.A. - 9/7/2016

Irefutable Smoking-gun Evidence of Mormon Polytheistic Theology
Norton R. Nowlin, M.A. - 9/7/2016

Norton R. Nowlin, M.A.
12807 Cara Drive
Woodbridge, VA 22192


Please allow me to send you a PDF copy of "Lesson 21-Man May Become Like God," from the 1984 LDS Melchizedek Priesthood Study Guide, "Search These Commandments," to add to your informative Christian websites.

"Lesson 21" is a concise restatement of Joseph Smith's 1844 "King Follett Discourse" and Mormon Prophet Lorenzo Snow's refinement of it in the late 1890s. "Lesson 21" is the last time that the Mormon Church placed into print its literal predicate of Mormon polytheistic theology for their priesthood study, and it is verified, in "Lesson 21" as canonized LDS scripture and commandments by the LDS First Presidency comprised of Mormon Prophet, Seer, and Revelator Spencer W. Kimball and his three apostle counselors, N. Eldon Tanner, Marion G. Romney, and Gordon B. Hinckley. It is the only smoking-gun evidence of 19th Century Mormon polytheism venerated and practiced in the 20th and 21st Centuries. The Mormon Church never expected it to be used against them, which clearly illustrates their demonic arrogance.

Anyone reading "Lesson 21," especially struggling Christians who will, no doubt, come into contact with Mormon full-time missionaries at some point, will immediately realize that Mormonism is not Christian; and keeping Christians away from Mormonism proves much simpler than trying to convert true-blue Mormons from the error of their ways, even though some of them eventually come to Christ.

Please add "Lesson 21" to your website, and send it out to other Christian ministries to mass-produce to send to all struggling Christians who will inevitably come into contact with full-time Mormon missionaries during some portion of their lives. Please contact me at the above number, or by email, if I may be of assistance to your ministry. I will send the PDF copy by attachment. My email is:

I am an ex-Mormon elder, stake and district missionary, ordained military group leader, and ward mission leader, from 1970-2000. I served the devil for 30 years before I found the Lord Jesus on my knees and accepted his blessed grace through his precious blood.

God bless you in your efforts to be good soldiers for Jesus!

Norton R. nowlin, M.A.
Re: Spreading the Word about Mormon Polytheistic Theology
SP Mason - 1/20/2017

I am trying to obtain your offered PDF on Lesson 21, but I am unable to reach your web site. If you receive this message could you please email the PDF to the above web address. Thank you in advance.
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