You may watch our friend Joseph Martin share his story of leaving fundamentalist Mormonism and giving his life to Christ by clicking on the above link. You may also see pictures there taken of the event.

New Blogs Based on Tara’s Grandpa’s Funeral

Tara’s LDS grandpa died last month and we attended services in Idaho. The first blog I wrote was on how LDS have turned the family into an idol. The second blog is on how silly and disingenuous it is for their apostle to claim that he has no idea how to speak of heaven without his family given LDS eschatology.

Downtown Ministry

Every year, the LDS Church turns Christmas lights on the day after Thanksgiving. Given all the construction to the temple, the lights have been quite scaled down, and as a result, so have the crowds. Nonetheless, there are enough people there to make the trip worthwhile, provided the weather is not that cold. On one occasion, a guy came up to me and told me he was LDS, but his wife was Christian. He saw my lighted sign and asked what I believed. I was able to share with him how Joseph was a false prophet who failed every biblical test for being a prophet of God. He shook my hand to thank me. I could tell it really meant a lot to him for me to be there.

We Need Your Partnership

If you’re looking for ways to store up for yourself treasures in heaven (Matt. 6:19-20), may I suggest investing in our ministry? We not only need your prayers, but we need your financial partnership as well. Keep in mind that your investment is not simply for us, but for the lives of others we reach with the gospel. The standard way to financially invest is by writing a tax-deductible check to Courageous Christians United (CCU). For more information on various ways to invest in this ministry, including online giving, please see our “Invest” page on our sites. If you’re not a partner and are blessed by these monthly updates, please join our team and let us know soon. We’d love to be your missionaries here in Utah. Many thanks to those of you who hold us up in prayer and/or in your financial giving!

Be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:6) and Merry Christmas!

Rob Sivulka
President, Courageous Christians United
P.O. Box 1374
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Brother I am a fan of your videos! It’s an honor to have you as a friend!

You guys are the best.

This is pretty bad news: Joseph lied! Glad you’re telling them the good news too!

[I replied:] well depends on how you look at it. Since it's true, it's good news they don't have to follow this false prophet anymore. But of course the best news is the Christ that Joseph lied about and people are immediately presented with that when they go to the site.

[I received an email from an ex-Mormon, born-again Christian who apologized for the disparaging things he said to me a couple years ago. He saw a video of a confrontation I had with a couple LDS missionaries and was put off by it. He didn't like my style and thought I should act more like another preacher. However, last week he said,] "I guess your prayer has been answered. I owe you an apology. I see what you mean now. Every situation is different, we can’t put God in a box. Thanks for taking the time to explain it to me, even though I was biting you. There isn’t only one way to witness.

I think ppl tend to think that because they experienced witnessing one way , that everyone has to experience it the same. Everyone is different, and certain ppl need to hear it differently as well. Thanks for all you do, Rob. Once again, I’m sorry for attacking you and your ministry."

[I replied:] I think you'd really enjoy this book that offers all sorts of ways to reach out to LDS in love. I wrote the chapter on website advertising. 

Hello brother, I hope and pray all is well with you and the ministry. I was wondering this thing about your ministry, do you guys also help Mormons who are transitioning out of Mormonism into Christianity find a biblical church? I'm in Canada, and many of the Mormons I reach out to are in the US, so I can't always help them and I don't know where to go for that.

[I replied:] We run and we have a UT Churches page.

Thank you for opposing the normalization of homosexuality in society.  There is no gay pride only straight pride.  Homos should be humble about their condition, show respect, and leave families alone to raise their children in peace.

I talked to a Stakepresident once who said the Apron is off when they recieved the second anointing. Meaning they are saved . It was his words.

Are you aware of a good book covering the core doctrines of Mormonism and comparing them with Christianity? Thank you

[I replied:]


Thank you Brother Rob, for sharing this.  God has blessed and used you in  remarkable  ways to bring folks to Jesus and share the importance of ministering of   the great needs in Utah and other places in the world.  I am praying for you and Tara and the girls.,   May the Lord continue to encourage you with His word and His tender care for you.

Love in Jesus,

I am so glad you and Tara were there to state the correct answer: Jesus.

Rob, have you spoken at funerals? I would be honored if you would consider it at my own parent's funerals in the future. A great opportunity to direct LDS focus on Lord Jesus.

I always enjoy reading about how courageous you are.

Thank you for serving Jesus so faithfully!

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