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Best proof Joseph Smith was a false prophet
John J. Luce - 3/24/2017

The many times J.S. said or "prophesied" something that did not actually come to pass proves he was a false prophet, but I think there is an even better way that shows he was a false prophet. And that is when he issued a prophecy and then later altered it by adding whole sentences or paragraphs to the original "prophecy," in the middle of a sentence. God would never do that. I could attach examples but this does not allow attachments. But imagine how that would occur: Would God say, "thus saith the Lord, in the middle of such and such sentence, add the following, blah blah blah. He would NEVER do that.
I asked an elder how that was possible. His only response was, if God can give J.S. a word of prophecy, He can give a correction or amendment!
Re: Best proof Joseph Smith was a false prophet
Rob Sivulka - 3/24/2017

Feel free to write out some specific examples here.
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