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BIBLE PROMISESRachel4Pamela 6/28/2021
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spirituality of a new age vs religion - breaking old paradigms to achieve a higher consciousnessGuru Nithyananda Swami5Rob Sivulka12/19/2017
Is Catholicism a False Gospel Like Mormonism?George Pierson012/7/2017
Best proof Joseph Smith was a false prophetJohn J. Luce1Rob Sivulka3/24/2017
Spreading the Word about Mormon Polytheistic TheologyNorton R. Nowlin. M.A.1SP Mason1/20/2017
A house divided.Glen5Amy10/22/2016
Hi from Christianity HavenChristianH201607/26/2016
Irefutable Smoking-gun Evidence of Mormon Polytheistic TheologyNorton R. Nowlin, M.A.07/6/2016
What to do with those "coming out" of the LDS system?Laurel Shoemaker05/9/2015
ChristianCharlie1Rob Sivulka4/28/2015
Del HansonMark Pursley2Rob Sivulka9/1/2014
CCU is mentioned on exmormon.orgStillChristianIThink1Rob Sivulka2/22/2014
Scared and confused MormonKaren8Russ and Tammy East7/13/2013
A Thoughtbuyn3Rob Sivulka5/10/2013
Project Proposal to evanglize pakistan Emmanuel Nazir 02/8/2013
Galatians 1:8 and 9Bobbi1Rob Sivulka12/3/2012
Voting for a Mormon is voting for SatanDGJ2Rob Sivulka11/13/2012
Granny GeerJames2Sam Mikel10/29/2012
Aclu-sues-brigham-city-over-its-free-speech-zone-ordinancenita1Rob Sivulka9/13/2012
free ebook from Amazon:An American Fraud: One Lawyer's Case against Mormonism Nita1Nita6/21/2012
Rick Warren's Global Peace Plan includes MuslimsJames Sundquist7stuart7/20/2010
Once Saved Always SavedAge of Knowledge3Age of Knowledge6/21/2010
Churches are adulterers because they are 501 3c corporations?Age of Knowledge1Age of Knowledge6/6/2010
The Holiness DoctrineAge of Knowledge1Age of Knowledge6/5/2010
Public Witnessingageofknowledge3[email protected]3/13/2010
Music on your homepagePhil18001Rob Sivulka1/4/2010
Classic Dispensationalismageofknowledge2ageofknowledge10/11/2009
The Sheep and the Goatsageofknowledge8ageofknowledge9/12/2009
Christians Helping Our Worldageofknowledge6Rob Sivulka7/15/2009
Sound Doctrineageofknowledge4ageofknowledge7/14/2009
perennialismageofknowledge7Rob Sivulka3/24/2009
Evolutionary Psychologyageofknowledge4ageofknowledge2/19/2009
I need a Bible Hermeneutics book.ageofknowledge2ageofknowledge1/22/2009
People of all nations becomes Jews in Babylon exile in the Book of Daniel.ageofknowledge4ageofknowledge1/11/2009
end times prophecy?brandy kilpatrick4ageofknowledge1/11/2009
The first five books of Moses a rip off of Egyptian texts?ageofknowledge4ageofknowledge1/2/2009
Road for sale.Wesley Arnoldson6Rob Sivulka3/4/2008
Questions from MelodeeRob Sivulka011/19/2007
Door flyerRick Ruff7Rob Sivulka9/15/2007
MaLaurie Molsberry01/17/2007
Restoring HopeMitz01/16/2007
Keep up the good work.Kevin Barnett01/16/2007
Bless you heath 01/15/2007
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