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hi guys :. I am looking for help for me and my girl. i am from France


I greet you in the most highly exalted name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I wish to have your fellowship for our spiritual growth for the extension of the Kingdom of God.
Sincerely in the Master's service,
Pastor.Ratna Kuar.Ongole.


Dear Beloved in Christ
Greetings to you in the most highly exalted name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself that my name is Rev .N.Immaniyelu I am only son to my parents. Later, during 1997-1999 I Underwent Bible Training. I married with Esther Rani during the year 2000.My wife’s parents are converted Christians from Hindu Brahmin family.Later, I eagerly waited for the Evangelical Holy Services at the call of Almighty. Lord Jesus inspired me in my dream during the night to go to Meraka Kattlampudi Village of Eluru Mandal. According to His Holy word I preceded to the village along with my family members in year 2002. Geographically we remained in very disastrous conditions due to natural calamities like Cyclones, floods etc., Totally our area is too backward in all aspects. Now I am doing my gospel from such site. By birth, I am a born convert Christian. I have done by B.Th. By the call of her, I turned to give up my life in His service.

Our daily gospel and Outreach gospel:-
I am preaching the gospel to our Hindu people who are in practice of idol worship. I want to advocate the message of our Lord Jesus to all our people who are at our interior sites. By our regular prayers number of Hindu people are coming towards Lord Jesus and they are accepting Him as their Lord and Savior. They are baptizing. You kindly pray about our present day gospel.

About our Orphanage:
I am running one orphanage for the welfare of our helpless orphan children. Once they had suffered a lot at their basic needs. They wandered on streets. They starved for days. And they struggled a lot at their basic needs. In India they are going to be called as "Young Rashkels", "street children" and "Pousin". Everybody shall make utilize their services, but nobody shall take care of them. I got pitied much on them and thus sheltered them. Likewise my orphanage got started. Totally we have 10 orphan kids now.

Our Children

San Fran Belle.

You people need to re-evaluate how you try and gain converts. Standing out there on the streets yelling at people that they're going to hell while holding a ridiculous sign is high up on the list of stupid.
Being dismissive of people who come to you for help and questions is on the level of a**hole.

Guru Nithyananda

I would like to appeal to you to open your hearts and listen to the message of the new age before the NWO takes over us. This is a new age where old paradigms are broken as we embrace our divine feminine and masculine in moving to a higher consciousness. One of the vortex points is located in Park City, Utah where a woman named Teal Swan has been teaching us about spirituality. We all have the power to be empaths and must use that power for good - to bring unity and peace on earth so that we may learn how to exist with other extra-terrestrials when they make themselves known to us.
Many of us have hybrid DNA and are waiting for the right time to be the light bearers activating the earth to a higher consciousness. All religions will come together - Christians, Jews ,Hindus, Buddhists and the power of the Christ will reside in each and every one of us.


There is noticeably a bundle to know about this. I consider you made some good points in features also.
Keep functioning ,splendid job!



I would like to have someone as a mentor who will guide me into becoming a member of the church of email is : [email protected]

Evangelist Richard Paredes

Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ! We met in Philadelphia at the new Mormon Temple. My ministry is Fishers of Men, Evangelism. Enjoyed our talk and as we pray for each others Ministries may the Lord give us favor, wisdom and knowledge to witness the truth and beauty of the Word of God. May the Lord Jesus richly bless you, your ministry, your partners and family.

Pastor.Ratna Kumar.

I am a pastor from India. I live in a small village and I have my own ministry with my fellow pastors, orphan home and churches. You are warm welcome to India to have your involvement in God's work if you are led by the Holy Spirit please feel free to respond for which I will be looking forward prayerfully. Sincerely in the Master's service Pastor.Ratna.Ongole.

keith jones

Hi Rob, just a note to say how much Barbie and I enjoyed eating lunch with you the one day at Subway in Ephraim in June. We hope you and your family are doing well and that you had many opportunities at the Annual Conference recently. Thank you for all you and Tara do to reach the lost and thank you for all of your videos, etc. that help educate us in reaching the lost as well. Have a great weekend, Blessings, Keith Jones


God is good and he will save israel from the death and from calamaty and bless them right now in the name of the Lord ,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

David Marsh

Supporting all those who expose this massive problem of "Violence/Bullying" in all our communities,from all your friends at Thank you.

bus 5

To the CCU, wow! You folks are something.I had a two week disscusion with Doug Goucher, one of your members. You know, my testimony has grown so strong. Thank you Doug for all your comments. He proved to me that no matter what folks say. I will stay strong. Not one thing he said swayed my thinking. He was one of the most disrespectful people I have had the displeasure to FaceBook with. So keep it up folks. Yes there will be those who look at you as saviors. But your not. Your just a sad group of West Burrough Baptist wannabees with nothing else better to do then to spew HATE.


African American Christian who wants to keep USA Christian


Also consider that Judaism teaches that David seduced Bathsheba when she was only seven years old and she gave birth to Solmon at nine!

Both Judaism and Islam countenance marriages at a young age.

Also Mohammed had a far smaller harem than either David or Solomon.

And all the Christocrites who deny it are either ignorant or lying tools of the Zionists.


What about Israeli persecution of Palestinian Christians?

Israel doesn't care about Christians at all, except to incite them against Islam.

American Christocrites are the dumbest in the world, being sucked in by
Israeli rhetorical attacks on Islam while ignoring the following:

1. Israel already has aborted more of its own babies than all the Jewish children killed by the Nazis in the holocaust.

2. Most Israelis are secular and have no religious values at all.

3. Israelis who do have Jewish religious values are hateful and racist.

4. Israel is a world center for money laundering, sex slavery, drug selling and manufacturing, and industrial espionage.

5. Israelis love pornography and are a very violent society.

6. Americans are addicted to TV and movies, internet porn, real porn,
violence, sports idolatry, their economy is run like a giant casino by
Wall St. banksters, and economic inequality is spiraling out of control
and the political system is totally corrupted.

Against this consider this about Islam:

1. Islam prohibits abortion, drinking, gambling and pornography.

2. Moslems dress with decency and modesty, not like Americans and Israelis who walk around like hookers even on their best days!

3. Moslems are not perfect, and as a Christian I believe their lives
could be enriched by a proper understanding of Jesus. But we certainly
have no right to cast stones at them considering how iniquitous and vile
our own societies are!


Stop your hate.


That's a nice post.









Weston Krogstadt

God STILL reveals truth to his prophets today.


Thank you lord for you in faith with trusting to Jesus blood with victroy and enjoy in life with wiasdom and man yof treasure from heaven into our journey to heaven daily ,thanks and bles and pray,keijo sweden

Moshe Ariyeh

I appreciate the work you are doing. I receive Steve's emails and have appreciated them tremendously!! On a side note; I thought the comment below by Ryan was a bit funny as he calls you morons and defends the lying prophet. Stupid is as stupid says. Ryan, here's your sign! I have only one concern and that is the association with Ray Comfort. Having gone through the book on evangelism that he did with Cameron, I am concerned that he has some problems trusting in the power of God's gospel. You can only see this as you read through his different tecniques and approaches. For example, Mormon vs. Muslim. There is only 1 gospel, thus 1 gospel message, so to write a book with a multitude of solutions (depending on the audience) is to fail to trust in the power of the 1 gospel. I know you agree with that. I believe Comfort is a gateway path to sloppy Arminian theologions and even quotes from Roman Catholics in that book, so he concerns me. Just my 2 cents. Keep up the good work! I live in Roanoke and we have a very small (if any) group of courageous Christians. I have more enemies from within the local churches than I do with non believers. The emerging church movement is rabid out here. If you know of like minded believers in the Roanoke area please let me know. Paster Moshe

Jason Gerling

You should really reconsider your stance Ryan!

In the grand scheme of eternity, life on Earth is temporary (and all of the struggles we experience-- most importantly the lies from demonic forces which you are blindly believing in).

1 Corinthians 1:18
"For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God."


you all are morons. Muhammad lied? are you for real? Is this how you outreach and spread the message of Christianity? you and your christian rock are ridiculous.

Hilda A. Vera

Thank You for what you do. What a brave soul you are. I am recently RUNNING out of mormonism after 2 years as a convert. Hope to attend my first year at Manti with the Evidence Ministries group next year. Watch you nightly on Utube and use those clips as study.Thank GOD 4examples like you and others.I pray softened hearts find you . much peace...(hav)


I have started a novel, which will be a romance with a spiritual/theological surprise ending. It features a beautiful LDS girl in Utah, beginning in the mid 1960s, and follows her through marriage and life into her mature years. At the end, there is a surprising development: she learns the Smith myth/LDS church are fraudulent, and is lead to a saving faith (John 3.16) in Jesus Christ. Her childhood sweetheart/husband is more lost than she, but comes to saving faith late in his life, too.

I can't divulge too many details, but theologically it will be Evangelical using the "Romance novel" format. I would like to make the acquaintance of Christian ex-Mormons of my age group (65+) who can advise me of what LDS culture was like back then. For example, did Mormon teens date in the 60s, or were group social activities the norm? Did LDS teens commonly wear the Garment back then? What volunteer work would a devout LDS girl do--would she do Temple work? etc. etc. I want a lively story that realistically captures LDS life, 1965 to the present.

I would love to hear from you, and make the acquaintance of Christian believers who might like to correspond or chat and share their background. Thanks!


Great site! My wife and met in SLC in 82 on the first Saints Alive outreach. 30 of us lived up the hill at a sorority and got out 500K tracts. We had Manti to ourselves! The main outreach was at Temple Square all summer-3 at each gate of which 1 had a camera. Very exiciting to see how much more is happening now!!! I do not know if this goes public, but would you get back to me privately using either the email or the phone?

Mr. Classy

Interesting site. Why did you really put it together? Seems like a waste of your time.

Contradictions in the New Testament

Wayne Petty

Consider the first deceptions mentioned in the Bible, the most critical lies which we must deal with every day: "You will not surly die," ....."you will be like God, knowing good and evil." NIV Allowing ourselves to become the followers and victims of deception and lies must be avoided at any cost. I'm not saying that we can always discern the truth, but I am saying that it is critical to try to do so, as far as our relationship to our Creator is concerned. Joseph Smith's lies and deceptions form the very foundation of the Mormon Church. God has blessed us with horse sense, and a precious gift calledl the Holy Bible. There is one Creator, and our Creator stands alone. The truth comes from our Creator. The truth does not depend on what I think or what I do. The truth is sustained and authored by God. It is not subjective. A lie is a lie. If Mormons want to know who will go heaven, the answer is plainly and simply given to them and to us in the 23 Psalm. Joseph is leading his followers straight to hell. Giving up our souls to vanity and false "testimony' is disastrous. I feel sorry for those who follow the ways of Joseph Smith. I pray that they will follow the word of our Lord and try to overcome their indoctrination and blind, emotional devotion to his lies. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is not the Church of Jesus Christ. To say that it is is just one more obvious deception. -Wayne

bob funk

no media contact yet in Salvador-pray they ll contact Joel there before Sat.closing

Take care--lifting you &Aaron up


I've really enjoyed learning about the cults. Thank you for sharing this site. I'll assume the last two posts were from disgruntled cult members that don't like their false belief system being brought out of the darkness, into the light, and revealed for what it really is by those who properly handle God's Word.


You truly are an anti-Christ. First of all their are no mormon or momonism on this earth. There is a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint. The name alone tells the we believe in Christ The Church is Built upon Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ being the chief corner stone. After the Savior was resurrected he left his apostles behind to carry on his work. The Apostles were killed and the Priesthood was lost. A young boy was confused which Church was right as there were churches on each corner saying come here.Joseph read in James that if any man lacked wisdom let Him ask of God and it will be given him. You have that same right and to try and teach that our church does not belief in Christ only proves that you have ever studied the Church and asked God if it was true. You are falling into the trap where the Savior said many would come and do good works but I will say unto them depart ye that work in inquity. Meaning with out the Priesthood of God ye work in vain. May God find his way into your heart and quit helping the devil to destroy God's Plan. Only Prophets have the right to Prophecy and we can have individual problems by praying the the most High,God the Eternal Father and thru his Son Jesus Christ We don't speak against your believe why do you choose to speak against ours May God have mercy on your soul./


I'm amazed that any one group thinks that trying to debunk any religion in order to further a belief in Jesus Christ is right. The Savior didn't have to do this, he taught the truth and let it speak for itself. Teach what you believe and not what you think others are doing wrong and you will further the cause of truth. Any other activity goes against what the Savior would have us do. As for hoping to change us faithful LDS folks? You will win over the weak, but those who believe in Jesus Christ and his love for us, will stand firm and strong. Imagine if you will, that the time and energy you put into trying to "save" us from our religion was directed towards serving others the way Christ would have you do, how wonderful this world would be. May you wake up before it's too late.

John Duran

keep up the good work of the LORD

Matt Green

Hey Rob we had a blast in Utah thanks for the teaching and wisdom I know all the kids really enjoyed it as well as JJ and I. Lets not forget the most important thing the good burgers. Look forward to seeing you again soon my friend.

Pastor Ben Koech

Please send me some books on cults. My address: p.o. Box 7443, Eldoret, KENYA.


Thanks for your compassion for people in the LDS. I'm praying for two mormon missionaries who I met... I don't know what else to do. My friend and I are sharing the gospel with them today.


I think Christians Helping Our World has Christian legal resources on their resource page that might be able to help you. Pacific Justice Institute in particular is said to be responsive and helpful. Check them out.

The last case like this I heard about involved a woman that was deceived into the cult of Scientology took the child with her. The man was eventually able to not only get visitation but eventually custody.

Karla Trudeau

The Mormons are destroying my family brainwashing my kids and husband all because I refuse to be week minded and fall into a cult. My Husband Has sent my kids to live with his parents that are also Mormons I need help! How do I fight them?


Congrats on surviving 2009... lol. Now for 2010. Check out Peace.

Karyn Imel

Hello! Congrats and Happy New Year. I hope you all are doing well with your new little one and your new home.
I have been so blessed by your site tonight. I've been listening to many links and videos you have here. I'm on Becky Walker right now. Good stuff!
We had dinner last night with our mormon neighbors I told you about along with 2 of their missionaries. We had this crazy talk as they so were trying to make me think we were the same. We even prayed and read the Bible. They don't even have a clue! I spent most of the evening listened to them. I did question them when I heard things that didn't line up with The Bible. They said that they would like to hear now from me what I believe. Open door!? God is doing a work I believe - who knows how this is going to all unfold. I'm sooo fired up to share. I'm reading and listening to everything you have here! Thank you thank you!
I was just thinking about how they had these missionaries come to share with me. . . so are you coming out here anytime? I would love to have a "missionary" come share with them. . .
I am praying for wisdom as I study and learn about what they believe to understand and to be prepared. But most importantly praying for their hearts to be open to the truth! That the simplicity of The Gospel would become real to them.
Thank you!
I keep thinking about how hard it will be for them to convert with there huge families on both sides in Utah in the mormon church. I know that God is bigger then all of that!!!!


I've forwarded your site to all of my family and friends. I want to thank you for strengthening our testimonies. I have encountered many of men such as yourself and what you hateful people fail to realize is that your work is strengthening our testimonies of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. If the Book of Mormon wasn't a true gospel, then Satan wouldn't be using his missionaries to try and bring the LDS church down. As for your request for donations, I would suggest that you obtain a job and support your family like a real man.


Love the music being played on this site! Do you have a link to add this site to Facebook?


Hi. I live in UT and love to witness to the LDS. Great Website!

Robin Rezendes

Hi Rob and Tara! (Ok, and others, too?!) I have a new friend who is Mormon and I was BUMMED because she's a lot like me--loves traveling, languages, reading, homeschooling...and I was joining her book group wondering whether or not she was a Christian. Now that I KNOW where she stands, I'm still joining the book group and I feel a little more confident armed with your website. I may be emailing specific questions!


gerry shaver

i found your site and trying to log in and don't know how...gosh i like what i see..pray for my granchild amber who is 13..when she was 11 the school made her remove her shirt that read GOT JESUS, IT'S HELL WITHOUT HIM..seems the last two years she has been attacked more than ever but i keep praying for her and i ask you also..her dad went to jail two years ago also..her mom is only 39 and had surgery twice on brain ..they have a hard time financially also...i believe in miracles...i have a burden for the young generation of today and am still believing for the SPRIT OF THE LORD TO FALL UPON THEM FOR I FEEL WE ARE IN THE LAST DAYS AND JOEL PROPHESIED IT


Agape greetings to all. I am a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. I am a former Methodist Christian [Baptized as an infant], Fundamentalist Independant Baptist Christian [Baptized as a teenager], have been an Orthodox/Evangelical LDS for 34 years now.
I have several friends who are Orthodox Roman Catholic Christian/Orthodox Coptic Egyptian Catholic Christian, Orthodox Greek Cathoolic Christian, Protestant Christian,Reformed Christian, nonTraditional Christian. I have attended there Church services,Bible studies,Church activities when time allows.
I believe that JESUS CHRIST is The LORD OF MY LIFE/MY LORD/My Saviour/My GOD/My King/My Master. He took upon himself my sins so as I am Saved by His Grace Alone through My Faith Alone.
Just a thank you for your concern for we LDS, as we are concerned about you as well. May Grace Shine/Rain on all our Non LDS concerned Christian Brothers/Sisters also please do not flood me with e-mails, I get enough as it is, Thanks. In His Debt/Grace, Anakin, LDS JEDI KNIGHT.


I like it better now that it's a white background too Casey.


I like your blog. However, it is very hard to read the white text on the black background. Could you change it to be black on white?


There is no doubt that Rob and Tara love the LDS people. They are devoting their lives to reaching the LDS. These sites are not filled with hate, rather they are filled with truth and hope for the LDS people.

Joe Joe

Rob, listening to you gives me the willies. Thanks goodness for Joseph Smith and the else would you make a living. That Tara is sure a looker. Maybe she should attend those Mormon functions holding your signs and wearing a two piece. That would be more effective in getting people to listen. You, on the other hand, are just too creepy.

Doug Yancey

How will I know what you present or represent is fair and accurate information about the groups you confront?


I appreciate your opinions and I think you are more sincere than others, however you are still a Mormon-Hater. Muslims outnumber Mormons 100 to 1, yet I have a very strong feeling you don't preach to muslims 100Xs as much as you preach to Mormons. There are thousands of web pages out there preaching the evils of Mormonism, where are all the web sites preaching the evils of islam?

Not believing in Mormonism doesn't make you a Mormon-Hater, but going after Mormons the way you do makes me lump you in with the millions of Mormon Hating "Christians" out there. Either you'all hate Mormons or you are just plain scared of Islam.

Thanks for putting my blog on your web page:


Weston Krogstadt

Ron Dunyon

first time on site. My wife and I were brought out of Mormonism over 4 years ago, and subsequently our entire family i.e. kids . We are seriously considering evangelism at the Manti pageant in June. Live currently west of the salt lake valley. There is a great harvest here!!

Margaret Maresh

Hi Rob,
I am so excited that you are moving back to Utah! I look forward to seeing you and meeting your wife and daughter. I cannot contribute right now, but I am certainly praying for you.
In His Love,


And what will you do casey if what you believe doesn't come to pass? Have you really studied the history of premillenialism in dispensationalist Christian eschatology?

Did you know Hal Lindsey took R.B. Thieme's unfinished doctral thesis from Dallas Theological Seminary and formulated what became "gospel" in most evangelical and pentecostal churches around the world as popularized in his book 'There's a New World Coming'?

The reform churches, as an example of churches holding to a different view, have a completely different take on prophetic end times. Heroes of the faith like Corrie Ten Boom taught otherwise as well.

I think you should do as Moody suggested and simply "plant a tree" and keep going.

casey web

pean Union. the antichrist willrise out of the third ranking tier of that Union. It isn't going to be easy for Christians in the upcoming four years,but I feelthat the raputre will come long before Obama completes his first term. When GW Bush was first elected many Christians were saying that he would be the last Christian US President. I believe that as well. Obama no matter what kind of Christian face he puts on, it will only be a face/mask. Anyone who supports abortion and othr issues against the Bible is not a Christian.Obama is not a Christian. I believe that he may be one of the world leaders that ushers in the antichrist.and probably will become one of his right hand stooges,but again Obama is not the antichrist himself.As far as what I plan to do for the next four Obama yearsis to pray, pray, pray, and to ignore any broadcast and newspaper he may appear in.I will not be watching the inaugural in Jan. 2009.
on another subject-just anote: I think what your ministry is doing is fantastic. My prayers are with you. The dvd you gave me when I met you was trulyeye opening and it is my hope that you can get this in to as many Mormons as possible. God bless your efforts.


I met you and hurd you speak in Manti 2008, I hold a sign Is the jesus of mormonism the Jesus of the Bible and would like to do hear, what we do in Manti, I would like to advertize your website while I do outreach here, may I have your permission?

Always for Jesus

Von Mosch Family

It is said the way you all treat Mormons!! You say that you are for the truth and all we see is hate on these pages. You should be ashamed of yourselves!!! Your websites and your talks are not Chirst-like in anyway!!! Your messeges of hate and rasism for the Mormon Church and all the good and wonders it brings people is beyond words!! People like you have no place in Gods Plans for salvation. I hope you repent and pray to God to find your way to Chirst and His only true Church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Rob I will be praying for you to stop your spred of hate and for your salvation.
A True Christian Beliver and His Family
Von Mosch Family

Tim and Renee Vander Veer

Rob, my wife and I met you at Temple Square in Salt Lake quite a few years ago when I was TDY for the military. Great to see you are still walking the walk and continuing on with a zeal for the Lord. Tomorrow, we have a theology class on the subject of what does an authentic Christian do. Should Christians actually confront aspects of the culture? I would like to use your website as some examples and challenge my class. I thank the Lord for your ministry!

Mariners Church

The evil "Standing Together Ministries" is presenting again at Mariners Church in Irvine, Calfornia tomorrow. Cult member and Satan's soldier, Robert Millet, will be there with heritics Greg Johnson from Standing Together Ministries, Craig Hazen from Biola University, and Dennis Okholm Azusa Pacific University.

Mariners is the same church that welcomed the cult to use their parking lot when one of their new temples was opened down the street. Mariners Church not only refused to allow Christians to pass out tracts on their property while letting Mormons to do so. This is evil.

Jack Reid

So the US is about to elect a socilis, pro abortion senator as pres and Muslim extreemists who brutalize the daughters of God, and you folks crusade to teach us????? en you ask for money to do so???. By their fruits shall ye know them. Sound familiar? It should. The true Jesus said it. Yes, we believe in Him too:) Our church spends its time instructing us, and seeking to build peoples faith and we don't go on crusades to tear it down. It looks like you are exploiting LDS dissatisfaction in order to sell a product which then earns you your living. Surely you couldent put all this effort i acctually do a job to earn your way. Jesus was a carpentor and when reaching out he wen't without purse or script. But I want to thank you because you people cause people to ask questions, and more often then not you drive them to us. So thank you. Isn't it interesting how the Lord will take the enemies of His church and turn their efforts against them. So in a round about way, you truly are saving people. PS The question remains, will you this note to your public? LDS Convert.

Dave McCament

Hi bro! I finally stopped long enough to start watching the Walter Martin clip on You Tube. I deeply appreciate what you, Aaron and the rest of the staff are doing to further the work of Jesus in reaching LDS. Rob, I am praying for you and your wife today to continue serving in His power, might, and spirit. May God continue to give you His peace, power and provision for the work of this ministry. Your brother in Jesus - Dave (Psalm 66:16)

Dr. Chris D. Hohnbaum

Rob, keep up the great work, my prayers are with you and your family daily. God bless

steve dixon

Just dropped by for my first visit after seeing Rob on the internet. Its been nearly 20 years since we were at BIOLA together. God surely knows how to remind us of meaningful times in oour past. So we will get caught up soon.

Good Bless,


Paula Jacobs

Hello from the UK. I'm an American living here for the past 14 years. I just found out about your organisation from the World Magazine article on Huckabee. God Bless You All. Living over here in social, do-what-feels-good-ville has opened my eyes and kick-started a boldness. I think most Brits will be happy when I'm gone since my highly profiled teenage abstinence program hit the media. That's over but the fire isn't. I pray that when I return to the States - hopefully in the next 5 years - I can join you in God's March for Truth. Shields Up - Swords Out!


Rob, thank you for representing Jesus Christ and the truth of the gospel at the Romney press conference. Your courage, tenacity and desire that folks know the truth is a big encouragement to many of us who pray for you.


you people need to get your facts straight

Vince and Earlene LoFranco

At our Global Prayer Meeting last night..a young man attended and gave us this web. Looks interesting and will be something we can use in the next meeting.

Ben Duarte

A new Ex-Mormon Support Group will be coming soon to Boise State University (Biblical Studies Center) in Boise Idaho, anyone interested in learning more contact Ben Duarte at 208-267-4149 or e-mail at [email protected]

J. Vanderbloom

Just checking out your site.

Ben Duarte

Jerry!!!!!, I reside in Nampa, ID, I will go, I will be contacting you soon. My number is 208-467-4149, I will witness at the Temple opening in Twin Falls!!!

Jerry Holt

Hi Rob,
Temple opening in Twin Falls, Idaho spring of 2008. Everyone interested in sharing the TRUE GOSPEL come and help with street witnessing.

Contact Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, Twin Falls, Idaho
208 737 4667

Ed Decker

A PLus

peter lewis

I am so sorry. I was interested in finding out more about the Mormons purely out of astonishment that anyone could believe in such an obvious nonsense and come across you lot. Equally as ridiculous. Such a shame.

Lots of love.


Ben Duarte

Awsome site! I will refer this site to many Christians and Mormons here in Idaho.


You are one sad joke.

Dan Alvies

I have a Son who married a Mormon girl and is now a temple Mormon. As you may know they will not look at anything that is not LDS. I have found a lot of good points and truths from Jim Spencer. I found your site by watching Mormonism has anything
changed and saw your sign Mormon info. com. Saw part of your video and was looking to try and find it again and see the rest of it so far it is very good. Dan Alvies 660 roe road paradise, ca. 95969

Brian Birch

Presented a two day Mormon seminar in Hays, KS. Very successful for the churches and college ministries. Two Mormons came, one said I was all wrong, the other left Mormonism. We educated 100 Christians to successfully witness to Mormons.

Tom Jones


Ron Harris

Just spent several weeks of talks with the missionaries here in greenville. hope all is well . I've been during historical research on my family's mormon history. Again i hope to get you my testimony soon . God bless, and keep up the great work.

nancy cullen


Jeannette Villatoro

New to Utah, always a christian, a little perplexed about the Mormon faith. Yikes.


Thanks for this awesome site. We need this so much. I will be praying for you. God Bless You. :)


I cannot stress enough how excited I was when I checked this web site out. When I saw that group prayer you all had at Manti before the pageant began I started to cry. Seeing that you have the same burden on your heart for these people that I do. I pray that God blesses this group abundantly as you do God's will. God bless!

Melissa Thiring

Thank you for all your help and prayers throughout the years. You have been such a blessing in my life. I thank God for your ministry and pray that this will be a great year for reaching souls for Jesus! Leaving Mormonism was not easy, but people like you help so much. I hope and pray that those who talk to you and read your sites will know that you love them, and say what you say because you want them to have the truth! Best wishes to you and Tara!

Paul Landkamer

Veritas Vincit!

Steve Herr

Rob, I'm praying for your work that you are doing, and especially for Tara's Jehovah's Witness friends Michelle and Jolee. I have a handout that I made specifically for JW's that I would be happy to send her if I can get a snail mail address. It was something I put together after a frustrating year meeting with a JW, and God answered my prayer for something to just cut to the what's important.

As for your big LDS project, you may want to contact Kurt Van Gorden, director of Jude 3 Missions. This sounds right up his alley (He has a booth every year at the Utah state fair.) Zondervan (I think it was Zondervan) published a book by him on Mormonism as part of a series on the cults. I'll steer him toward your web site and see if he would care to join forces rather than duplicate efforts.

Keep the Faith.


Frank Ball

Great job - keep up the work for Him who saved us

Henry and Darlene Matarrita

We are very happy for you Rob and Tara. Blessings

Fred & Lynn Boshaw

Congratulations , on your upcoming wedding - so great that the Lord has brought you two together!
Continue to fight the good fight. blessings --- Fred & Lynn


Great site! Congrats on the wedding! Good luck in all your endeavors!

Michael Gavlak

Congrats! Rob and Tara. His blessings!


I totally have a heart for this mission!

Sharon Campbell

Big Bro,
You rock. I admire your courage and could use some passed on to me :). Honestly - I learn so much for you and am humbled by your servant heart.

Take care. Miss you tons
Little Sis

Jim Frederick

You are an encouragement to so many. It's an honor to serve with you. Thanks for all you do and congratulations on your engagement!

Karen Thomas

Hey Brother!
Just thought I would let you know, God willing.... Grant and I are planning on being there in June to see you kiss your beautiful bride.
It is awesome to see what God is doing in your life.
Keep up the good work.
Until He comes.....Your sister, Always...Karen

Brandy Kilaptrick

Encouraged by your commitment to this minsitry Rob and the man of God He is molding you to be.

john allen

Hi Rob,

Congrats on the engagement! May the Lord bless and protect your ministry.


john allen

Hi Rob,

Congrats on the engagement. We look forward to seeing you in the summer. Let me know if your out here before then.


Brian L. Birch

I am proud of your work. Time has proven your heart for evangelism. Your writings have proven your rightfully dividing the Word of Truth. Blessings to you and your new bride to be.


Thanks for doing God's work, restoring hope to the lost, site to the blind and freedom to the captives.. can't wait till pageant!

Mitz in Utah

Lydia Barlow

Browsing your website during my "nutrition" break. Thanks for keeping up the good work - I always find something encouraging or challenging in your updates.

Bob Funk

May the Lord of the needy bless this site right now and continue to for His glory Bob Funk in Honduras

Jim Catlin

Hey brother, nice website! Keep "binding up the brokenhearted" and proclaiming "liberty to captives" (Isa.61:1)

Living Hope Ministries

Kirk Bolas

Congrats on the upcoming nuptials and the new web page.



Keep up the good work Rob!


Brandon Self

Looks great man.

corey miller

Looks good!

Jim Wallace


We are always encouraged by your tenacity and courage. We're happy to be part of your team!!