Lance Earl
Lance Earl
Another Excommunication of Lance Earl

Lance Earl of The Word Ministries has gone against what I clearly prescribed for what he can post in our Facebook Discussion Group.  I specifically told Lance that he is welcome to post various items like everyone else, but we would not be enabling his “ministry" there.  The admins of this group all agree that he is too much of a recent convert to be setting himself in a position of authority, and we find what he is doing to clearly go against what the Bible commands in 1 Tim. 3:5-6.  Lance has told me that he started believing Mormonism was a hoax a couple years ago and that’s when he became a believer.  However, his excommunication from the LDS Church was not even a year ago.

At first, I didn’t want to make that big of a deal about this issue.  It struck me as something akin to the extent of women in ministry issue.  However, after a recent post from Lance soliciting people to have him come train them in ministry to Mormons, and after talking with my admins, I thought a compromised position would work.  I would not allow Lance to talk about his ministry, but he could ask questions, comment, and even talk about witnessing conversations he has.

However, all that changed today when Lance posted about doing ministry and calling others to come minister at a local prison.  In that post was embedded a video.   In there, he took a cheap shot by subterfuge.  On the surface, we all thought it was simply about witnessing at a prison.  However, Lance began demonizing those who are simply trying to tell him that it’s too early for him to be jumping right into public ministry (inferring that Fred W. Anson, our admin, and Jackie Davidson are "demon possessed"), talking about "the ministry God has called" Lance to, as well as continuing to misrepresent their views.  They never said that they "never" wanted him to stand before "anyone" and speak of Jesus.  I read how Fred even encouraged Lance in seeing his great potential.

He also recently blocked Fred for the second time after I specifically told Lance that Fred needed to be unblocked in order to be part of our group.  The first time Lance blocked Fred, the former told me that he didn’t realize he had done that.  I find that hard to believe.

What Lance is doing is all very deceitful.  We find him untrustworthy, and this is a character trait he needs to work on prior to going into public ministry.  As a result, the admins of the Facebook Discussion Group are removing Lance Earl from membership.


Update on July 14, 2018: I also admin the Manti Pageant Evangelism & Fellowship page on Facebook, and the admins there also removed him from that group.



R. M. Sivulka
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July 13, 2018

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