Tom Cruise

According to The Sun Online, Tom Cruise is the Christ of Scientology. The article said that like Jesus, He's been criticized, but many will one day realize He was right. The article also said that Cruise will be worshipped like Jesus.

This should come as no surprise to Christians who were told by Jesus that false Christs would come to deceive many (Matthew 24:24). Jesus said in Matthew 24 that false prophets would arise in the last days, and claim that they are Christ. But Jesus said that his followers should not believe them. For when He finally comes, everyone will see Him as lightening flashing across the sky. This will be a very public event in which every tribe will mourn, since it will bring about judgment for those who have not been following Him. Revelation 1:7 says that every eye will see Him. Despite Cruise's popularity, he never will be this famous.

"He who testifies to these things says, 'Yes, I am coming soon.' Amen. Come, Lord Jesus" (Rev. 22:20).

R. M. Sivulka
President, Courageous Christians United
[email protected]

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ageofknowlege says... (Reply)
"Anyone alive today who believes they an all powerful god (or about to become one) is suffering under a heavy delusion." (12/23/08)