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Arthur Haglund says... (Reply)
"WHY did this one get pulled, has Helen and the coward of a husband of hers file a real lawsuit against you guys?
TRUTH is a positive defense in all legal matters. do not give in to Helen's insanity!" (6/14/13)
Arthur Haglund says... (Reply)
"Helen thinks that because I posted this comment that the blog link above was created by me and has, slanderously, libelously stated so for a second time on her blog. Please, for the record, state that this blog was not created by me. It will be helpfull for the lawsuit against them." (7/29/13)
Arthur Haglund says... (Reply)
"I, as a Christian, must address an error that I participated in:

This married couple have a 'ministry' that has claimed to have been a 501(c)3 organization for many years.

The IRS revoked their status for failure to comply to the rules and regulations concerning income reporting.l This failure was not a one time incident, but for three consecutive years with the appropriate notifications sent to them by the IRS each time.

They had their status revoked in May of 2011 and remained a non tax exempt charity until July of 2012.

During this time period, they continued to assail others for not having 501(c)3, when they, hypocritically, did not have it and their not having it was due to their willing disregard for the reporting regulations.

During this time, 14 months, approximately, they solicited donations and publicly claimed status they did not have. This caused people to deduct deductions that said people legally could not take. In other words, this caused people to file FALSE TAX RETURNS.

Anyone who donated and filed tax returns that included donations made to them during this time may wish to contact the IRS and find out what must, if anything, be done to correct your tax return from that period. It would affect tax years 2011 and 2012.

The correction I must make is that I, along with others, incorrectly and without full information (partly based upon phone calls to the IRS, where the full information was not obtained) announced that they were not tax exmpt as of May 2013. We were wrong on the date. All other information published was correct.

This information on revocation and reinstatement date came from IRS employee, Mr Gerding, ID# 1001181271" (9/5/13)
Arthur Haglund says... (Reply)
"To anyone who has been solicited during the time frame of may-2011 and July-2012, received anything from or made dontations to MMMO in that 14 month span and wish to lodge a complaint or ask for the IRS to investigate the continual solicitation and advertisement of their revoked status (as if it was not revoked) may wish to go to and simply type in their site search for form 13909. This form is to report any sort of irregularity or even suspicions that tax free organizations are not following the law, as MMMO was not.
I filed one form against them based upón the information the IRS provided to me.
At first the agent did not desire to give to me any info on MMMO, but I reminded him that this info was public and that I had already submitted an FOI request and that the law did not allow him to deny me this information. I just gave him their EIN and the information came up, the revocation and the date they furnished ther required info, to be REINSTATED. This reinstatement, is not and cannot be retroactively applied, according to this man.

Remember Form 13909. It is a PDF with changeable fields and it can be printed and mailed, printed and faxed or emailed. Keep your sent folder up to date to prove you sent it to them.

Now, If MMMO would like to finally, with ALL and total honesty wish to end things, they can admit their revocation, the dates they were NOT eligible to receive tax free donations, etc...

They will not, however, due to love of lies and hatred in their hearts, which is evidence by their constant multiple years war waged against REAL Christians, many who have been believers in Christ MUCH longer than they have CLAIMED to be. Instead of laying everything to rest with openness and honesty, they continue to hide and scream victim and liar at those who expose them, IN TRUTH!" (9/11/13)