Speaking at school board meeting

Last month I spoke before the Jordan School District board meeting. I tried to persuade the board and everyone present that they should not be allowing any boy who thinks he’s a girl to use the girls’ bathrooms at Fox Hollow Elementary in West Jordan, UT. It amazes me that I would have to do this. Others spoke out about the matter as well. In fact, the only two elected officials from the audience (Natalie Cline and Christina Boggess are both on the State Board of Education) spoke to persuade the board to put a stop to this. There were others in attendance who spoke as well. The vast majority of which we’re on our side in this matter. I was told that hardly anyone attends these meetings. However, this night, the place was packed. Here are the public comments starting at 2:33:00. I come in at 3:00:33.

The day before, I alerted a handful of media outlets, and this was the result:







This is an ongoing battle, so please keep this in prayer. One of the things that has resulted from all this work is an even deeper appreciation for our LDS friends who are just as upset as I am over this issue! I’m so thankful for them and their help on this weighty issue!

Joseph advertising JosephLied.com
LDS General Conference

Because the 1st of October was a Sunday, the first day of the LDS General Conference began Saturday September 30th. So I will simply tell you about what happened that day, and leave the next day for the next newsletter.

The first interesting thing was that when I arrived downtown, I was happy to see my buddy Joseph Martin advertising my site with his own sign. That was really encouraging!

As I was walking to the conference, I ran into a guy who was quite agitated with me. He claimed to be the son of the guy who put The Godmakers film out. I guess, “Dick Baer?” He affirmed it was. Dick died seven years ago. His son has so much anger towards his dad. He basically told me that he hated him! I told him that it sounds like he's got a lot of anger issues, but he shouldn't take it out on the God/Jesus of the Bible. Dick’s son denied he was, so I told him the Jesus of the Bible isn't Lucifer's brother, but the Creator of literally everything. I told Dick’s son that I loved him enough to warn him before it's too late.

Also ran into Tara's cousin, her husband, and their daughter. I just had a nice chat catching up with them.

Christy Darlington of Witnesses for Jesus and Rob
Also ran into Sean, who spoke after me at the school district board meeting several days before. He was the one who informed me of the YouTube link to the board meeting posted above.

I had a handful of short, but good conversations. One lady told me that it was of Satan to be contentious. I was able to remind her of what Jesus did to those in the temple who were ripping people off. She couldn’t understand why I was doing what I was when the LDS believe just like I do about God and Jesus. That led to a good opportunity to tell her how much more infinitely exalted Jesus is in the Bible from what LDS teach.

Later when it was dark, I was able to advertise my lighted JosephLied.com sign catty-corner to the LDS Church office building. This was as people were getting out of the final session that day. I had a great short talk with a couple Utah State students. One of the guys complimented me in wishing more LDS had my knowledge of their own faith! I invited them to check out my site sometime. One declined, so I told him that I had read all his scriptures, and even prayed about them. Because of that, I told him I thought it would be a fair deal if he reads just a little of my site. We got into some basic doctrine about God’s nature pretty quickly, but these guys wanted to get out of there.

I also saw our friend Deborah driving by while I was out there. Her husband pastors a Korean church in town and they usually come to our monthly get-togethers. She came back with a whole Panda Express dinner for me!

Here is a little taste of my preaching/advertising outside General Conference earlier that day. 

Update on my doctoral program

I have completed my second chapter, which is on the context of the perennial racism problem in Mormonism. My promoters want me to continue working on the rest of my chapters (at this point there are 7 chapters altogether) even though we are all still waiting for the research proposal to be accepted.

We need your partnership

If you’re looking for ways to store up for yourself treasures in heaven (Matt. 6:19-20), may I suggest investing in our ministry? We not only need your prayers, but we need your financial partnership as well. Keep in mind that your investment is not simply for us, but for the lives of others we reach with the gospel. The standard way to financially invest is by writing a tax-deductible check to Courageous Christians United (CCU). For more information on various ways to invest in this ministry, including online giving, please see our “Invest” page on our sites. If you’re not a partner and are blessed by these monthly updates, please join our team and let us know soon. We’d love to be your missionaries here in Utah. Many thanks to those of you who hold us up in prayer and/or in your financial giving!

Be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:6)!

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Try using the tactic of women's rights... we've worked so hard for women's rights. Why don't people want to protect it? It's fundamentally a women's rights issue. Read about how women had to go to the bathrooms in groups a long time ago because men would assault them. There used to only be men's restrooms in the workforce a long time ago. We now have women's bathrooms to solve the safety issue. Do they want to erase the progress? Gotta play the leftist game.

Dear Mr Sivulka, I apologize for reaching out to you out of the blue like this, but I read the article about Fox Hollow yesterday. I have a daughter that goes to school there as well, and this whole bathroom thing is highly upsetting to me. I just wanted to reach out and get your opinion on how I can make my voice heard. Surely I am not the only parent with similar concerns? Thank you for your time.
Yours truly,

[In reference to my video preaching at General Conference:] Wow, it’s so sad to see hundreds of people lead astray by a false gospel

God bless you bro for your perseverance. You are awesome!

You really don’t have very many seconds as they press on. I see why you have a very short plea.

Thank you for all you do. I was just like them at one point, arrogantly walking by but deep down knowing there was no way it could be true. Many of them have doubts, trust me

So proud of you Rob

You are certainly very courageous

Great video - NEVER give up
PRAYING for all these deceived people to look up JosephLied.co at home.

This is the one time holding a sign and calling out something is definitely a good option when they claim to be Stewards of Christ. It’s funny how their goal is to be “Missionaries” yet the majority pass you by.

Thanks for your Courage Rob. May the Lord strengthen you as you preach the truth!

You can see some of them secretly checking out the sign. They’re going to go home and check it out.

What a great work you have done for [G]od for so many years!! It inspires me!

I remember back in the seventies or early 80s going to General Conference and being astonished at the preachers like you. I took the literature, crossed the street, and threw it away. If only I had listened, I would have come to Jesus sooner with my kids younger!

You are brave to be witnessing to those LDS folks during their Conference. Thankfully they’re not violent… like the Hare Krishnas were when we would go witnessing in Westwood, CA. >> I’m praying that many of them will come to know the Truth because of your efforts!!

Trans folks aren’t predators.

[I replied:] and how exactly do you determine who is lying about being trans before it’s too late? Oh x affirms to be trans, so we must let x use the girls’ bathrooms until x rapes a girl, then we’ll obviously know x really isn’t trans and only then will x be barred from [them]. Brilliant!


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Joel says... (Reply)
""Last month I spoke before the Jordan School District board meeting. I tried to persuade the board and everyone present that they should not be allowing any boy who thinks he’s a girl to use the girls’ bathrooms at Fox Hollow Elementary in West Jordan, UT. It amazes me that I would have to do this." Indeed Brother Rob. Satan is alive and well walking to ad fro on the earth today. May these deceived folks, especially the parents be convicted of sin, righteousness and the coming judgement before it is too late. " (10/14/23)