Banned From YouTube

YouTube shut down my ministry channel ( and told me I was in violation of their community standards for one particular video which they removed. They didn’t even send me an email when they also shut down my personal/family account ( After writing them and asking you for prayer, they reinstated both accounts. However, they did not reinstate that video in question. The deleted video is the one where I keep shouting “” to a mom and daughter (and the crowd at General Conference) who parked themselves right in front of me to limit my free speech by singing and waving their signs. Here's the video that was so unsettling to YouTube viewers.

Big Wave Evangelists at Payson Temple Opening: (l to r) Rob, John Duncan, Timothy Oliver, and John Kauer
Big Wave Surfing Evangelists at Payson Temple Opening: (l to r) Rob, John Duncan, Timothy Oliver, and John Kauer
My friend who filmed me got tired and stopped, yet I probably went on like that for another 15 to 20 minutes! That's why it really wasn't that surprising when I got the following email from another friend not long after this YouTube matter: "Just thought I'd let you know, I am at a wedding right now and an LDS couple behind me is talking about a guy holding up a sign and yelling "Joseph Lied" at conference[.] :)" Keep in mind that Conference was a month prior and it's still ringing in their ears!

Payson, UT Temple Outreach

What an amazing time to preach to thousands upon thousands of LDS people! So much happened in the 3 weeks I had there. I’ll only be able to give you a brief sketch. The first day I tried going, I got a flat about 10 minutes into the trip! My lower back was also giving me trouble most of the outreach.

“Thy God hath commanded thy strength. Strengthen O God that which Thou hast wrought for us” (Ps. 68:28). I kept reciting this verse to myself one day early in the outreach. God displayed His provision in not making me walk a half mile from where I parked with all my buddy Timothy’s stuff and mine (I dropped Timothy off at the temple for him to go through a tour). Rob outside Payson Temple
Rob outside Payson Temple
God sent a fellow believer and ex-Mormon, Ed Prewitt, to me just as I got out of my car to attempt the long walk in front of the temple. Ed drove me to the temple and he also later brought lunch and water for me. During the day, LDS girls brought water for me. An LDS neighbor across the street brought water for me. I had a bottle of my own water. I drank them all and never had to take a break! On my feet for 11 hours advertising with my big sign, preaching, and engaging in conversations! Amazing!

It was really sad talking to Jose outside the temple one day. He could not be wrong about the experience he had affirming Mormonism. He was just as sure as the fact that we were talking. I asked if it could have been a dream. I asked if it could have been demonic. He absolutely denied it. I asked if he was perfect. He said he wasn't, but there's no way he could be mistaken. At this point, all that can be done is prayer. Really, what else am I going to do? Give 10 reasons to a guy who refuses to reason? He really didn't want to get into his experience, but from what he said, it sounded like a demonic appearance impersonating his dead dad.

I had two long conversations one night. One was with a parking volunteer named Jim (50-year-old) and the other was with 3 guys ages 18-20. These 3 guys kept throwing questions at me. Their big issue seemed to be how God could allow murderers in His kingdom! I gave the example of Moses and David and also cited 1 Cor. 6:9-11, but they still couldn't grasp it. Nonetheless, they were all very intrigued with what I had to say.

Early on, a number of LDS guys tried to tell me that the sidewalk of in front of the temple was Church property. LDS always play this game with us at temple openings. I told one guy he was misinformed and that I know the police detective who assured us we have every right to be there. This LDS guy went away and came back to tell me I was right.

Bob Pilch
Bob Pilch
Another Spanish volunteer who spoke English talked with me for quite a while. She was raised Catholic, but gave it up for Mormonism. She wanted to relativize God creating "all" things. I told her that 1) she's devaluing the Omnipotent, and 2) her implied theology that God became God by following an infinite series of Gods before Him is flatly contradicted by the Bible.

On another occasion, one LDS guy told me, "I find what you're doing offensive." I said that I find it offensive that he thinks he can receive worship from his own spirit kids to the exclusion of the God of this world. He said that's not the teaching of the Church. I said, "Oh course it is," and I quoted his 5th prophet Lorenzo Snow: "As man is God once was; as God is man may be." I told the guy he was being deceived.


A real Spirit of urgency was on me as I warned LDS that they can be happy and still be headed to hell. LDS always affirm how happy they are. This is a means to promote their faith. So even though I know this isn’t true (like people who tell you they’re fine when asked how they’re doing and you know they aren’t), I kept telling the LDS people who passed me that they could be happy and headed to hell. One said, "That's not nice." I told her it's true and what the Bible teaches. I quoted Proverbs 14:12 to her and told her she needs to be warned regardless of whether it's nice or not.

It really surprised me how many parents became unglued when I told them and their kids all this. I’d say, “Please don't end up in hell! I want you to come be in the presence of the Father with me in the celestial kingdom.” They would shout at me: "Don't swear in front of our kids!" I would respond that Jesus spoke more of hell than He did heaven, but it didn't matter. They were just looking for some lame excuse to write me off.

Timothy and Eric
Timothy and Eric
Others wouldn't listen to all that I said, and would simply say, "I am happy." When I told them, "You're still headed to hell." Many would say, "Well then I'll be happy in hell." I would tell them that by definition, if they end up in hell, they'll be screaming their heads off and don't want to go there.

Speaking of me not being “nice,” my fellow evangelist, John Duncan, told me that one of the LDS volunteers said in reference to me that he wished I was holding a metal sign. This was just after lighting struck close by! John said, "That's a real Christ-like thing to say!" LDS guy just shut up. As I walked by the volunteers in the hail on my way to lunch, I asked the guy that I thought said this, "So you just wished death on me?" The guy said, "He just hoped I didn't have a metal sign." Liars! After lunch, I walked past the actual volunteer who wished death on me and he said I should get a metal one. When he was done volunteering, he walked past me and I told him I still loved him, but he makes a lousy God.

Sharon and Eric from and Timothy
Sharon and Eric from and Timothy
In addition, someone called me a psychopath and not long after that an older guy told me I could take my paper and shove it up my #@$. I also told him he makes a lousy God and that he'd never be worthy enough.

The last day I was there was crazy busy! They had to open up the median to have 2 lanes of traffic headed toward the temple! Spoke to Hyrum and Seth, a couple young guys, for about 10-15 minutes. Hyrum said that he was LDS because the Church obviously went into apostasy and there was no priesthood on earth, so there had to be a restoration and he just *assumed* that restoration was found in the LDS Church as opposed to something else (Jehovah's Witnesses, The Way International, Unity School of Christianity, Moonies, etc.). I told them that Jesus promised that His Church would prevail (Mat. 16:18) and that it would give glory to God throughout all ages of time (Eph. 3:21). Further, the priesthood found in His Church today (1 Pet. 2:4-5) isn't the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthood that the LDS Church offers, since Hebrews 7 is clear that the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthoods were fulfilled in Christ. He is our great High Priest, who lives forevermore, so we don't need Old Testament priests to keep slaughtering animals and pass on their priesthood to another man when they die. Jesus is the only one worthy of holding the Melchizedek priesthood.

Timothy in conversation
Timothy in conversation
Seth said that there are so many contradictory arguments from the churches, so he bypassed all that confusion by going straight to the Father to receive his answer. I told him that I don't know how that solves any confusion, since I also went to the Father and received my answer. So why is his answer right and mine is wrong?

Earlier in the day, the rain opened up. We were going to take a break and started walking back to the car. Right before we got there, Jeremy ran up to us and wanted to ask us some questions. We had a good 10-15 minutes with him that we wouldn't have had if the rain did come! Right after he left, it cleared up and we went back to evangelizing where we were.

Lastly, we were beat. I had been out for over 10 hours and Timothy E Oliver was out for 6 hours. We started walking back to the car and Timothy started preaching to a small crowd inside the Temple grounds from the public sidewalk. One of the volunteers came by and kept putting his hand on Timothy to tell him to move on! We told him he had no right and he finally left.
As we walked by the Stake Center next to the Temple, we noticed the huge line of people wrapped around the Center, going right on the sidewalk. We just had to preach to them. So I started preaching how much God and I loved them and how much trouble they are in with God. The main traffic cop, who I'd been cordially briefly talking with earlier came by and gave me a bottle of water and said, "Your voice is going to need this." So Timothy and I stayed for another hour until the crowd ended. Here's a couple minute video of Timothy preaching on Moroni 10:32 (Book of Mormon), which was written on the front of his sign.

Here’s Lane Howe's testimony from our monthly Meet the ExMormons Fellowship and here are the pictures.

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[Probably among the best and encouraging emails I've ever received:] Rob, I just want to thank you for standing firm and backing up your words with the bible. I've learned a lot from you and even changed my views because of your posts. I think it comes down to not trying to create God in our image but excepting God for who He say's He is as revealed to us through His word, or Scriptures and Jesus His son.

[Probably among the best and encouraging emails I've ever received:] "I do honor your point of view. But plz I must ask, do not stand outside the Payson UT temple. It's very confusing to younger kids."

So thankful for God using u in Payson.  .as well as other places.  I read your recent newsletter and want to write in one of my upcoming emails about all the testimonies that are posted. WOW! I listened to several, including Russ East from 2004. I know Russ but had never heard the story of how God saved him at age 14. .THANKS for your faithfulness to God. YOU are truly on the front lines!

I kept getting prompts on YouTube to watch a video titled "I was a Mormon". I started watching video after video. Now I'm seeking the evidence of the untruth of Mormonism, but more importantly, the truth about God.

Why can't you be more loving? Stop persecuting those Mormon people. Mormons are Christians too Robert!


you stupid liar


I'm a Mormon living in McKinney, TX just north of Dallas. I grew up in Fort Worth and have been a Mormon all my life.

...Growing up in Fort Worth and living in Texas most of my life I've of course known many, many Christians and have had great friendships with them to this day. Even so, although I've been asked all my life by friends and acquaintances about my beliefs, I've never had anyone talk to me or answer questions about their beliefs. I've always assumed that I know the differences between my beliefs and mainstream Christians, and I've read online and listened to podcasts, but never really talked to someone.

I'm wondering if you could refer someone to me near where I live who I could talk to?

I look forward to your response and appreciate your time and consideration.


English is not muy first lenguaje so i hope you understand muy spelling...
I am very surprised with tour website that i found looking for información about the mormons.
I asume your goal is to move people away from the mormonismo and towards whatever religión you represent but let me tell you what it actually looks like... (Seeing that aparently the mormons dont make websites about how the other religiones are wrong)... You are either jehovas whitneses who belive un theyr religión cause "everybody else is wrong" (which doesnt necesarily make them right) or you think you can only earn followers by making others look bad (in that case u be polititians).
So do tour selves a favor... If i wanna know about Barcelona soccer tema im not gonna ask real Madrid fans to tell me about them.


Feel free to put this on your testimony section.



[I replied:] Hi Jonatan,


Of course LDS make web sites that prove other religions are wrong. I post some of them on Further, they publish their own scriptures, which clearly damn other churches: 1 Ne. 14:10, D&C 1:30, and Joseph Smith--History 1:19. Because they claim to be the only true church, as a Christian, I have every right and am commanded by God to defend my faith (1 Pet. 3:15).

Now I really don't care what you do about a trivial matter as soccer, but when it comes to religion, you better be right. Jesus taught that most people end up in hell rather than life (Mat. 7:13-14). With this in mind, you better be as objective as you can and get both sides. That's how we teach people to think about various theories in school. If you don't do this, then you're sticking your head in the sand and really don't care about truth and are simply disobeying what the Lord commanded in 1 Thes. 5:21.



Hello, my name is Cristy, and I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Church that your site seems to have under question. I just wanted to know if it is okay that I may ask, what are the reasons behind the FAQs or atleast why those questions are made by your site, are they your personal beliefs or are they combined beliefs from your whole team for the site itself? I don't want to come off offensive to you as that is not my intention. But I was just trying to understand how this website came about, Is all. I've encountered many who seem to ridicule or criticize or antagonize the Church and it's heart breaking to see. I know if the Spirit did not reside there, then we could be just like everyone else, competing with other churches and set on their own natural man ways and outside of the bounds of the Spirit's influence, and attacking others. When what should be happening is preaching of Christ and of the work Father in heaven has for all of us, living by those commandments the Lord asks of us to follow as any follower of Christ should be doing. Men are that they might have joy, not constructive criticism towards others. Right there and then, the Spirit will not be felt by anyone. Church is my very life and the Lord and His very words, I have come to recognize very well if they come from Him or not. I say from the stand point who grew up a Catholic and is now a Mormon, but even with my religion aside, when you take the time to understand prayerfully and seek those answers humbly and waiting on the Lord's timing, He reveals that unto you. He knows exactly when He will, but He also knows that Satan can always sway us in the mean time and try to sound like Heavenly Father. He might know us but the Lord knows us dearly and much more deeply than Satan does. I hope to hear from you soon as I would like to gain an understanding of your testimony. Have a good day.

[I replied:] I don't know why you say that constructive criticism isn't of the Lord.  That seems to go against the message of God found in the Bible.  Have you read the Bible?  It teaches "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another" (Proverbs 27:17).  Jesus criticized the teachers of the law in Matthew 23.  His apostle said, "The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments" (2 Cor. 10:4-5).  His other apostle commanded that we are to "contend earnestly for the faith once for all delivered to the saints" (Jude 3). 

The point seems obvious.  Truth matters.  Jesus taught most people end up in destruction (Mat. 7:13-14).  So warning people is a very loving thing to do.

Mormonism teaches a false god, Jesus, Holy Spirit, gospel.  LDS are following false prophets.  LDS need to be warned before it's too late.

[She replied:] Hello.

Forgive me, that I used constructive criticism in the wrong tone. I meant to say criticism in the negative way that most people tend to use to judge unrighteously. But I believe you actually did not answer my questions about hearing you, yourself, your personal testimony on this. I actually have read the entire Bible, respectively studying it with help from Heavenly Father and fervent prayer and pondering so I can understand it thoroughly.

Verses from the scriptures, anyone can memorize like the back of their hand and recite over and over. The purpose of them being wrought by God are for us to live those precepts and principles, and for us to remember that He is still trying to help us progress spiritually as He is, like the Saviour has preached. He does chastise who He loves bc He is our Father, just like our parents do the same.

Bc of the fact that you are saying wrong things about my faith, I am indeed offended, but that does not lessen it nor changes my personal feelings about Him who is above all. It is not your job to condemn us, for you nor anyone have been called to have the divine role of Redeemer, Saviour, Creator or Great Judge. While you are taking the time to tell others how wrong we are for our beliefs, you're taking away the agency of others to choose for themselves, and stepping in the way of those who are waiting to still hear about the fact that Heavenly Father still communicates with His children, the prophecies spoken of in the Bible, more than half of them have been fulfilled historically speaking, and with the Bible having been revised and picked apart many times over, His Gospel has been restored bc for thousands of years, it has been lost and/or reorganized after the natural man, and by divine revelation.

As a follower of Christ, by picking us apart and saying bad things about our Church, are you doing what the Saviour expects of us, to preach His words and lead others unto Him the appropriate manner ? It sounds like you're placing your focus on our church being false than making your main focus about Him. If you truly loved Him, you wouldn't be mentioning us in your helping others and would solely be sharing His precious truths unto the world. One thing we do not waste time on is whole hours on how other churches are bad and speak the words the Spirit would have us speak. The Gospel is His and belongs so rightly to Him, and only He knows exactly how and where it's been spreading forth in His own due time.

[I replied:] I don't see how me warning others detracts from anyone's free agency.  I'm not sticking a gun to anyone's head.  People are free to accept my message or reject it. 

What wrong things about your faith do you have in mind?  Your prophets have clearly taught that God is an exalted man, who had to follow some other God before He could become a God for us, and if we're worthy enough, we too can become Gods for other worlds in which our spirit kids will worship us exclusively throughout eternity.  The Bible calls that a false God, since the God of the Bible knows of no other God (Isa. 43:10, 44:6, 8, 24).  He's the Creator of all things from the beginning.  To deny that is what the Christian Church declares to be blasphemy.  You are free to pursue a lie or you can repent and trust the God of the Bible to give you life.

You have given me no reason to believe otherwise. 

Further, by criticizing me, you are doing nothing more than what I'm doing to you and the LDS Church.  So if you can get away with it, then certainly I can as well.

You will never be a mother Goddess.  You will never be worthy enough.  Your husband will never be worthy enough.  But I know the worthy One.  He loves you and He doesn't want you to be ripped off by the false prophets of the LDS Church.



[She replied:] The manner in which you come off by condemning our church is not in a Christlike manner and the same way you just disrespected me on my standing. You sound exactly like the adversary himself, like the very Pharisees that only spoke the word but never followed or lived it. Woe be unto you bc I know the Lord would not want us to bring down others, but to love them even as ourselves, as says the second greatest commandment. You are not the Saviour and have no right to condemn my worth in the sight of the Lord. You are not showing me Christlike love either from the way you just tried to deterred me away from Him and are only helping me build my testimony. I don't think you know the feeling it is to feel the Spirit so strongly through an Apostle or the personal Presence of the Lord, until that feeling is manifest to you in His own way.

I believe you missed the rest of the chapters before 43 and some of those verses before and after. The scriptures aren't to be read in context, and it's a shame that people who claim to be Christian only spew out the scriptures when it's convenient to bring down another person or faith. What I have yet to hear is you bearing personal testimony of Christ and how much you love Him or His personal impact on your life, like I asked just so I can understand you more as a follower of Christ. Like I said anyone can pull up the scriptures, I have a ton highlighted and underlined in mine I can share. I hope you understand that people habe different versions of their copies of the Bible and though they may vary in how they are written, most verses differ in meaning because of the various translations, on top of the fact the influence of the Spirit is interpreted by how people feel the Spirit.

We all in the Church are very familiar with what the Bible says bc it is in our standard works. I know with a surety that no one has ever denied who the Lord is in relation to the words Isaiah spoke in those verses. God is our loving Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ is in fact His Beloved Son, nothing on this volatile world will ever revoke the power of those truths, and I know all of us as members know that. Woe unto those who don't live by His words. The Bible and other scriptures are actually sacred records for the benefit of man, for us to remember Him, to be tried and tested without Him being in our physical presence. Jesus Christ would not have said to keep His commandments, to come and follow Him, nor to do those good works if He was not to be our Saviour. We as humans would have never known of His existence were it not for a loving Father in heaven, if you actually prayerfully studied the scriptures and personally grew a testimony as the Apostles did and all of the other ancient leaders did also, you would have that knowledge and bear that powerful testimony and be a light unto those who have been waiting for many years on this earth to hear from Him who is above all but have never had means to do so. If you loved Him, you would let others acknowledge Him the way He asks to be shared of, through edifying speech and teaching lovingly. Not by telling me I will never be worthy as a human to ever dwell near Him.

I think I learned more about who you are as a follower of Christ than you have keep deeming me as unfit. The Lord knows you and I more than anyone on this earth. And that goes without saying that I hope you have the heart to repeat to me exactly those condemning words you just said to me at the High Bar when He comes, words that He will never say to any of His beloved children.

[I replied:] Jesus saved me from all my sin when I was a young child.  I have given my life to Him, and He is using me to bring others, especially Mormons, to Himself.  I thank the Lord every day that He saved me, and because I love Him so much, I want others like yourself to know Him and the freedom there is in Him.  He is the only worthy One.  I want you to know the peace of God, instead of worry about whether you've done all you can do in denying yourself all ungodliness in order to get the grace of God (cf. 1 Ne. 25:23 and Moroni 10:32).  Your exaltation depends on not only your own personal worthiness, but also your husband's.  There's no peace or freedom in that.  My exaltation has already happened due to what Christ alone has done for me (Eph. 2:6-10).  That's why I know I have eternal life as 1 Jn. 5:10-13 says.  No LDS says they know they have eternal life, because it's all tied to how well they have done. 

I have yet to hear from you or any LDS where in the Bible it says there is more than 1 true God as Joseph Smith taught.  When that happens, I'll be more than happy to become a Mormon.  In fact, I have yet to hear any good reason from you why I need the LDS Church.  I have all the life already in Christ.  He has fulfilled my life.

The reason you don't listen to God's testimony is because you are blind.  You are not a child of God.  Instead, as Jesus taught the Jews, you are of your father the devil (Jn. 8:44).  You need to be born-again, adopted into God's family through faith as John 1:12 and Rom. 8 teach.  Until that happens, you will continue to love something more than God and His word. 

The LDS Church is not the "only true church" as D&C 1:30 says.  It's a pagan, sci-fi fertility multi-level marketing cult that keeps its members happy enough to give their 10% or they can't go to the celestial kingdom and live with their families throughout eternity and populate more spirit kids to worship them.  You need to know the only true God and Jesus whom He has sent in order to have eternal life as Jn. 17:3 says.

May God have mercy on you and give you eyes to see before it's too late.  I only tell this to you because I love you and want you to spend eternity with us in God's kingdom.



[She replied:] Thank you for sharing your testimony and that what you're saying now is one of the first things you should've said. I hope you come to the only way anyone of this earth is granted to live eternally is after we have been judged by the Lord when He arrives here, something He has mentioned in almost every scripture. You indeed fail to miss the fact that God the Father is exactly who He is, the one true God. Jesus Christ is also a God because He and the Father are one in unison and He came to the earth on behalf of the Father, a fact that is the epistle to the Corinthians if I am not mistaken. And if I am not mistaken again, there would be no need to for Faith or for Christ to have done good works to show unto everyone that we were to be exalted only by believing. The glories of the kingdoms were first spoken of in the Bible and many other sacred truths men like you fail to understand are also in there. It says you shall, not just you have, meaning to come to pass. Ten percent for tithing came from the Old Testament by the way and has been a commandment to be obedient to Heavenly Father. It seems you've been learning about the Bible without the Spirit being present or invited. All you need to do is pray and ask Him for yourself. The Lord knows how He answers and when to, if we are even prepared to receive, like it describes in the Bible.

The point is not to come unto the Church itself, but to come unto Christ, what I feel you haven't been doing to me. If I was not a child of God, you would be hearing the fact that I have just bared my witness that indeed who God the Father Is and who Jesus Christ is. The fact that you are completely disregarding my testimony on them both is you being the one to deny Them Both as Sacred Beings. The Lord knows His sheep and know that His sheep hear His voice. All the knowledge I have learned is knowledge readily accessible to every being on earth as the prophecy foretold that the Gospel will spread to the fore corners and has long already begun to do so bc it is God the Father and Jesus Christ in company with the Spirit who so direct those blessings unto others. It is sad how ignorant and unhearing you are being, but it is only God who knows of what's truly making you fearing of us as members. Again, woe unto you for letting Satan direct your testimony of Him, and failing to recognize the presence of the Lord on the earth today. I already know those scriptures you're continuing to throw at me bc of how I've been studying them. The only thing that can bring that witness to me if those scriptures are true are by asking Heavenly Father Himself in prayer, and He's brought that witness to me many times. He is the only Eternal God and His Son Is also our Beloved God, who was there from the foundation of the world as the Bible says, there in the creation of us and all things. It is He who created all laws ever brought to pass and is He who has an right to what is we should be doing. You do not love me bc you have not expressed that in a Christlike manner and are completely ignoring my rights as a follower of Jesus Christ, who is the Beloved Savior of all mankind. His Church would not be worldwide had He not given direction as He foretold it. Answer to Him all the disrespectful things you've been telling me to Him when He arrives.

[I replied:] Jesus said in Jn. 5:24: "Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death."  So the only judgment I'm going to have is for the rewards of what I have done in this life.  I still have passed from death to life and will not be judged in the sense that my deeds will be weighed to see if I get to live in the kingdom of God or not.  I have peace with God through the Lord Jesus as Rom. 5:1 says.  And as Rom. 8:1 says, "Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."  You need to be in the Christ Jesus of the Bible and not one of those false Christs that Jesus warned about would come in the last days in Mat. 24:24.

If the Father is the one true God, then Jesus must be a false God.  All the Gods of the people are idols, but only the Lord made the heavens as Ps. 96:4-5 says.  Ps. 135:5 says that God is greater than all gods, but that's not true in Mormonism, since God is only as great as all the other Gods who have gone before Him.  That's blasphemy.

The point of good works in my life is that they reconfirm to me and others what God is doing in my life as I trust Him and they are the work of God to make me more like Christ.  But the Bible is clear that we are still saved through faith, not of works (Rom. 4:5 and Eph. 2:8-10).  Works come because I have been born-again through faith.  I don't do all that I can do (no one can) in order to become born-again.  That's why 2 Ne. 25:23 is a lie.  All your own righteousness are as filthy rags as Isa. 64:6 says.

I have asked God sincerely, and He told me very clearly that I have life and that Mormonism is a lie from hell.

I don't fear LDS.  I just don't want to see them go to hell for getting ripped off by their false prophets.

There's not a God anywhere in Mormonism who created all things, since all of them are exalted men dependent on another exalted man before them before they can become a God for some world.  Haven't you heard of Lorenzo Snow's famous "As man is God once was; as God is man may be"?  D&C 93 says that matter or the elements are eternal, so it's clear enough from your own scripture that your God never created all things.  He's only powerful enough to organize things into this world.  That's too weak a God for Christianity.  You need to repent and follow the God of the Bible to have life and not be eternally condemned. 

Paul said, "Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" (Gal. 4:16).  So I love you just like Paul did to the Galatians.  If I didn't love you, I'd just shut up and let you and LDS follow their weak false god to hell.  You need to repent before it's too late.  I want you to be in God's kingdom, the celestial kingdom, with me when we die.  Please don't put it off. 

Smith has been proven over and over again to be a false prophet.  Not only did he teach a false god, but he made up his translation for the Book of Abraham.  He lied in his translation for the book as well as those facsimiles.  Every Egyptologist knows this who has compared Smith's papyri to what was translated.  You're being ripped off.


[She replied:] Sorry but I will stand and listen to the rest of your ridicule. You are exactly what followers of Christ are warned about, and I would recommend diligently studying the scriptures with the Spirit teaching you the meaning behind them. I have done what the Lord would want any follower to do, is bare witness of His Divinity and you have done nothing but deny the Lord to my face and saying the exact same thing anyone who attacks the Church says. In all things, must be opposition. Citing scriptures and living those principles and the commandments are two different things. And it's why many Christian denominations compete against each other with lack of understanding directly from God the Father and having the fullness of the Gospel on its wholeness as it was first wrought. That is why the world only knows Christianity through the marketing of its man-made truths and is collapsing far from its original state. I wouldn't be preaching to you of His existence if I didn't believe He was not a real Being. Woe unto you who pervert the ways of the Lord and lead His sheep astray and after their own forms to His kingdom. Those who follow the Lord knows His voice and He knows them, regardless of religious sect. You do not have love for me a Christlike or else, I would be feeling the Spirit strongly speaking to you. You are seeking the condemn me as the adversary directs your thoughts, instead of seeking to understand. God is no respecter of persons and loves and cherishes everyone equally. It is required of all of us to repent still, no human on this earth is perfect and is required to keep the commandments. No unclean thing shall dwell in the presence of God, and no one is granted anything for the life to come until that final day in His eternal court. Everything I said in my last message still stands.  We will be judged for everything we've done, not just the good. You have no idea how it feels of the Spirit through the Apostles and the personal Presence of the Lord until He chooses to manifest Himself in His own way. He is our midst and it seems you have forgotten that. He is still alive after His resurrection and still continues to be our advocate with the Father. I have felt Him for myself personally and know exactly who He is, and who He was in the scriptures. What you're saying is speaking badly about God the Father and His Begotten Son which is one of the worst of sins, so remember this and say this all to the Lord when He arrives. Good bye.

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