Our board member Aaron Shafovaloff welcoming Rob back to Utah at the Salt Lake airport
September 5, 2007

Dear Family and Friends,

Last month I was able to return briefly to Utah. It was quite a productive trip. Among other things, I was able to do some ministry in Salt Lake City.
Rob with Peter
I ran into a guy named Peter, who had grown up LDS, but left when he found out that they claim to be the only true church. He met some Christians, who invited him to come to church with them, and he’s been attending ever since. Nonetheless, he described himself as one who wasn’t sure what to believe. I began to share reasons for God as well as for Christianity, and then he allowed me to pray for him. Later, he came by to see me and a couple friends (Michael and Kathryn) witness in front of the Salt Lake Temple. He said that he respects us a lot, but could never do what we were doing. I encouraged him by saying that he’d be surprised what Christ could do once he’d invite Him in his life.

We also had a couple Ex-Mormon Meetups last month. One was a dinner, in which we met a new member. Lance told us that one of the things that got him questioning Mormonism was the PBS special on “The Mormons” last spring, particularly the Mountain Meadows Massacre.
The Dallas, TX Ex-Mormon Meetup at a showing of "September Dawn"
The following week our group went to go see September Dawn at a local movie theater. For our review of the film, please see HERE.

I have been distributing my tract Beware of False Prophets door to door, and have already received a response on our CourageousChristiansUnited.org message board. The response is from a secularist who doesn’t think there’s any evidence for Christianity. This secularist needs to take a look at all the videos I have on my site that provide just that!

We also had our yearly board meeting last month. We spent most of the time discussing fundraising ideas for this ministry. As many of you know, Tara and I are planning on returning and staying in Utah in about a couple years. We would like to have enough of a support base that would enable us to move back, and we need your help to make this a reality. We ask that you please consider and pray about supporting us on a monthly basis.

Your financial contributions and prayers make this ministry possible. We need your continued support. If you would like details on how to contribute financially to this ministry, please see our "Invest" page. Thank you so much for your concern and prayers for this ministry, and for those trapped by false religions and philosophies.

Rob Sivulka
President, Courageous Christians United
[email protected]


1. For more speaking venues
2. For our opportunity to share a couple weeks later this month at a couple small groups in Arlington, TX
3. For guidance in fundraising
4. For our meeting with a Campus Crusade for Christ couple to discuss fundraising ideas
5. For more members to join our Ex-Mormon Meetup group


As an atheist I applaud your efforts, don't let anyone discourage you from spreading the truth about the American Cult of Mormonism. Thanks

Hello Rob, I just stumbled upon your site and noticed that the beliefs of Mormons you
note are mostly completely either false or just spun. The belief that the Father is of flesh and bone is in the scriptures as if we as man are made in His image then how can he be of spirit and be anything He wants? That just doesn't make sense. The scriptures also quote "Judge not, lest ye be judged" which is what all so called Evangelical "Christians" do by having web sites like this and preaching against any faith. Mormons do not preach against any faith and only ask to pray and ask the Father if the faith is true. I also believe Jesus Christ died for the sins of all mankind on a cross which is a Christian belief. The scriptures also say that the Father is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. If there were prophets then, the Savior himself, Peter after then is it that God has abandoned us with no prophet to lead the way? He called prophets prior to Christ and after Christ, but it all ended after Paul was killed?? I hope not as the world really needs the direction of the Father and the uniting of his children at this time and not division that you profess by bashing; which I guess you also must be a god.

[I responded:] Would you give me a specific example of how my representation of LDS beliefs are "either false or just spun"? Until you do, I'd rather listen to the words of my ex-Mormon wife's LDS bishop's beliefs concerning my site. He said, "I would like to compliment the website MormonInfo.org. In trying to distinguish between the beliefs of traditional protestant churches and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, it has tried to use quotes from Church authorities with no apparent attempt to distort the message. I did not review all pages but from what I read, it appears for the most part to be fair in its presentation of what we believe. Considering the attempt by many to distort the views of the Church, this was refreshing."

As for God's image, I've already written on this HERE.

I've also written on the "Judge not" passage HERE.

I've also written on prophets HERE.

So please read my FAQ page.

Thanks for writing!


i feel sorry for you because what you belive is so corrupted, but when you pass on to the judgement you will find out whats true, its sad you bring so many people down with you, bye

I was reading the testimony on Mike Norton and when I would talk to missionaries they would barely discuss the polygamy of Joseph Smith and it is amazing what information is hidden from the mormons. Is there anyway that the Mormon church could be rallied against as non-historical origins, non-scientific basis. Can it be disproven to the point that it is possible that the church can become demolished? I know that is coming out weird but isn't there some kind of way that people can step in and get rid of the church on the basis of very many things and get these people out of this religion?

hi thanks for the movie [Jesus Christ/Joseph Smith DVD] really open my eyes sorry couldn't get back sooner lost your number and no computer. me and my husband getting ready to move to haltom Texas woundering if there any meeting for x-mormon around there moving there august 29… thanks you from saving me from the mormon church. do you remember the newport beach temple open house me and my little sister help hold up signs with you that was wounderful time of my life.

Hello Rob, I have checked out your website, it's cool. I am currently living in Idaho with my wife and three daughters. …My wife and I have no friends or family up here, its been kind of tough. Well, your dedication to evangelizing Mormons is fantastic, keep up the good work.

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