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It never ceases to amaze me how Mormons respond when I get a chance to lay out how the Bible teaches monotheism by citing various passages (John 17:3, Isaiah 43:10, 44:6, 8, and 24) and contrasting that with the polytheism found in LDS scriptures. It happened to me yet again while I was evangelizing outside Temple Square last month. I was able to give Peter a reason why I couldn’t be Mormon. Peter simply brought up that Christ was obviously different from His Father, since the former prayed to the latter. So throw away all that the Bible has said regarding the subject of monotheism vs. polytheism, and simply rely on what naturally makes sense. For LDS, what makes sense is that Jesus and His Father are two separate exalted men, and thus two separate Gods, who must only be one in purpose or in the team they make up. It is reminiscent of what Proverbs 14:12 says: “There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is the way of death.”

Rob shares with the Nebraska team
Rob shares with the Nebraska team
Regardless of whether LDS can make sense of the biblical doctrine of the Trinity or not, we are all commanded to obey what God has said. As such, we have no justification from God to teach something He has expressly taught against. In fact, to do so only brings the curse of God (cf. Galatians 1:6-9). One who is led by God’s Spirit submits the senses to the authority of His word. That’s indicative of one who is really in love with God over oneself.


Nebraska Mission Team

Our board member Brett Kunkle, who works for, led a youth mission team of 28 from Nebraska out here for a week. Brett likes bringing teams over to our place for a barbecue and to have them hear us. I share about the big statements LDS make that trip Christians up and Tara shares her story out of Mormonism and into Christ. We always have a great time at these events.

Tara shares with the Nebraska team
Tara shares with the Nebraska team
If your church would consider sending a mission team out here, we’d love to provide the same venue for them.

Ex-Mormon Meetup

Mary Gavin came to share her story of coming out of Mormonism and coming to Christ. You may view the pictures here and the video here.     

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Be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:6)!

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1. Health and protection for our whole family
2. Tara’s family to be saved
3. Wisdom in all our dealings
4. Strength to keep going


Very encouraging, Rob & Tara. Glad to know you guys as friends and fellow workers for the Kingdom.

the young LDS really listened to me, whereas the older LDS were much more combative, so I was a bit harder with them, and I would think Jesus would have been. I don't believe that Jesus was always this nice guy, and I know I mentioned this to you before, but I really enjoyed the video where you speak about this called "Suffering and Joy in Evangelizing Mormons"

I recently came across this blog, and thought that you might enjoy this article. It speaks to what you're referring to in your video.

Take care bro, you're in our prayers.

Just been catching up regarding Shawn McCraney and trying to follow and make sense of his heart and mind and theological position. When I first heard him refer to this subject he did deny that God was three distinct personality's but now he's much vaguer, I was shocked to hear but not over shocked which surprised me a bit, many things regarding Shawn and my exit by grace from Mormonism started to digest and unfold and make a bit more sense, it left quite a big sobering impression upon me for days and I pray it's a passing phase for The Lords sake and those that support him and Shawn himself, I have even been considering that Shawn is hedging the way out for exiting Mormons, even stopping others from finding Christ and entering in to His rest, I even had the wild thought that he was a Mormon employed stooge or heavily influenced somehow by the Mormon authority's or just simply Satan tossed, anyway one thing is clear something is bad and wrong.


Can you check something for me?


Today's blessing mentions Jesus as our elder brother... So I wrote in to ask what the denomination is behind these email??
I asked if it was Mormom, JW or nondenominational Christian. The reply was evangelical Christian and followed up with two verses from Rm 11:29 and Heb 2:11 from the WEB version (never heard of it?) "proving" how Jesus is our elder brother...
Is this a Mormon site or Christian???


[I replied:] Jesus is our elder brother in terms of His human nature. The Hymn of Joy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
That doesn't exclude the fact that He's our creator in His divine nature.



Hello Rob,

Thanks for emailing me and I enjoyed reading some of the testimonies including yours and your wife’s. The FAQ on your website concerning the standpoints of Christianity and Mormonism helps me understand more on why they are so different indeed. Myself, I have been an member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for two and half years and was baptized back on on September 7, 2011. It was a powerful feeling to be a part of that church until it was last summer (2013) like around June or July until I slowly became an inactive member. Why do you ask? Because, first of all, there were some new things that the Church members is doing temple work by taking their family ancestor names and they baptize them in the House of the Lord. Once done, they are considered to be Latter Day Saints.

To talk about this new program with my family, they have expressed concerns with feeling of unease because all of my ancestors have already been baptized as traditional Christians. I talked to the bishopric and my Mormon friends that they have explained to me that the belief of baptizing the dead is of importance to the faith because it gives the lost soul to enter God’s heavenly kingdoms (Telestial, Celestial, or Terrestial). I felt a strong connection of my family felt in what was being done by feeling strange by all this too. For several weeks after much encouragement by Church members to start this project, I could feel the pressure building up upon me between both parties.

On the last day of July, 2013, I stopped going to sacrament/testimony meetings, Sunday school, priesthood, Temple and other LDS activities. Yeah, it has been a year since the last contact with the Church itself. To think about staying at Watermark Church or returning to the LDS Church is overwhelming sometimes. Because, I recall someone referring me to a scripture in the Book of Mormon or D&C that if I ever decide not to follow the Church that Joseph Smith established by the instruction of Jesus Christ, I will go to hell. It puts my mind in a protective shield preventing me to choose what direction I choose to live with eternally (Mormonism or traditional Christianity).

Of course, being a Latter Day Saint had been a intriguing experience for me because it gave me a chance to explore of who I am. Right now, I’m still figuring out a good way to decide on removing my Church records as quietly and as discreet possible in any way without causing public drama and/or rumors within the Church itself. I’m very concerned about losing all of my friends and if ever I decide to terminate my membership. If you have some time, I have attached my testimony of personal revelation of how I became LDS. Right now, I’m praying to Heavenly Father for spiritual guidance as I send this email now.
Thanks Rob for connecting with me and it was very nice to meet and chat with you! (smile)

Your brother in Christ,

(1 Corinithians 16:13)

PS: Thanks to Ann, Garrett, and John for E-introducing me to Rob. (smile)

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