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Lara says... (Reply)
""Country First" is not a Christian campaign slogan, and God knows that. That is patriotism, not Christianity. It's God first, God's commandments second, and family third and country is after all that. Praise the Lord." (9/10/08)
Rob Sivulka says... (Reply)
"Hi Lara, if you watch this video, it's obvious who Sarah puts first in an absolute sense. Nonetheless, we talk of "first" in a relative sense too. For example, which comes first--buying gas or buying food? In this case, food is first. This doesn't mean that food is worshiped above all. Similarly, is one's own personal discovery or one's country "first"? In this case, "country first."" (9/10/08)
Lara says... (Reply)
"I am not that political. Really, I am not, but I think the statement "Country First" is pretty clear. It means, they put the country above all else. i don't care to argue, we are not supposed to argue if we are under Christ. It's Christ first. It's God first. I don't know, that is what I think.
Anyways, we do not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, who told us to put Him first. :) Jesus Christ is our leader." (9/10/08)
Lara says... (Reply)
"I should say, I am not against Palin and McCain, I just don't support either candidate. I am not against, I just can't vote for them. I would only put my support on a person who would actually declare God above all things for the country and for themselves. Not Christianity as part of their platform, but as the base of their platform, or else I can't vote for them. I won't vote for Obama, I just can't vote for "Country First" either. I am a Christian. That is what I was told, in the Bible, and much as I fail, and that is a lot, I try to do what He said. So, I just don't support that statement. I support only the idea of a nation bound to God, openly. That is my understanding of God's commandment. :)
Praise the Lord." (9/10/08)