Last month Daniel and Kalin Davidson shared their story of coming out of Mormonism and coming into Christ. You may see the video and the pictures at the link above.

Worship at Carlsbad, CA

While in California, my brother Steve put on a worship event right off the beach in Carlsbad. He manages the Living Again band. Afterwards, we were meeting people in the crowd and I met a Mormon named Theo. We started off talking about some Eastern philosophy that he was reading. Then I asked him what church he goes to, and he told me the LDS Church. He's only been Mormon for about a year or so. We must have talked for about an hour regarding the differences between Mormonism and Christianity, and how the former does not fit with the God of the Bible. Theo was really listening to everything I said.

My other brother Mike was in on this conversation as well. We prayed for Theo and hugged him. He told me that he’d reach out to me if he had more philosophical questions. I got his phone # and I later looked him up on Facebook. I sent him a couple texts and friend requested him on Facebook, but to date, I haven’t heard anything more from him.

Logos Christian Church

While in CA, I spoke to Logos Christian Church in Escondido. It was the day that Hillary slammed into Southern California. I spoke on my ministry and 4 blatant lies Joseph Smith told. You may watch that at HERE

With Pastor Dave Ruscetta of Logos Christian Church
Fox Hollow Elementary

My youngest daughter Zoe started back at her elementary school, and a few days later she tells Tara and me that some boy who thinks he’s a girl is using the girls’ bathrooms. I went to talk to the principal Amy Adams, but she basically said there’s nothing she can do given Title IX. Because of my concern, she later pulled Zoe out of class and informed her that she could use the private kiva bathroom shared by other 5th-6th grade classrooms.

Later I found out that there’s nothing in Title IX that allows this behavior, and Utah law allows for schools to restrict this boy. When I met a group of parents who met before school one day to get signatures of those concerned about this situation, Adams was there with the Assistant Principal Josh. I tried pointing out to her what Utah law states, but she immediately became unglued and told me that she doesn’t appreciate me putting her name all over social media. I told her that I didn’t appreciate her letting a boy use the girls’ bathrooms. She said this was out of her control and if we wanted to meet, we’d schedule a time when lawyers would be present. With that, she walked back into the school. As she was walking I told her loud enough to where she and others could hear that there was no law that allows this behavior. There’s only a recent woke interpretation of Title IX coming out of the Biden administration.

I have been sending out alerts to a handful of people associated with Fox Hollow. I have received encouraging emails from other parents who are very concerned about the school’s decision, but I have also been corresponding with leftists who support the school’s decision (see the mailbag section below).


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well my issue is the lds were able to answer my one question and make it wildly known and Christian's dont

[I replied:] and that is?

[She replied:] I have a sister who died when she was 5 the lds can tell me she went to heaven while Christian would say she went to hell because she wasn't baptism how can you send a 5 year old who never hires anyone to hell she was an angel

[I replied:] well Jesus already answered this, so it doesn't matter what anyone else said--Matt. 19:14. Furthermore, just because someone answers a question in a way that you like is a horrible test for whether they are prophets or God or not. The Bible has already given you the criteria for testing prophets. 1) Does the prophet teach another god (Deut. 13:1-5)? 2) Does the Prophet make false prophecies (Deut. 18:20-2)? Does the Prophet have bad fruit (Matt. 7:15-20)? Smith failed each of these tests, and as a result, he can't be a prophet of God even if you got a sign or wonder from him (Deut. 13:1-5).

[She replied:] yeah but Christian church dont teach that atleast not openly I'm not the only one to join because of that doctrine. Christian dont do a good job of teaching this

[I replied:] well I'm a Christian, and I'm doing a good job openly teaching it. I know many other Christians churches that are doing a good job openly teaching it, so perhaps your just not hearing it from those churches. Nonetheless, your salvation doesn't depend on getting your understanding of this theological topic correct. Rather, it does depend on you following a false prophet who has taught a false god/Jesus. Smith was that false prophet, so easy enough, if you love Jesus, then you should listen to His word and run from Mormonism.

[She replied:] still ignore people pain and questions isn't the answer you still ha ent answered what happened to children lds do answer th8s

[I replied:] Jesus answered it. They belong to the kingdom of heaven, not hell. Did you not read the scripture I referenced? I am honestly sorry for what you went through, but again, LDS are still false prophets and God holds you responsible for listening to Him for salvation. You have been warned.

[She replied:] the only book of the bible I read is genesis other then the book of jonah by itself and I'm not sure your attitude will won anyone over

[I replied:] if your sister is in heaven as I am claiming Jesus taught, then she is pulling for you to hold fast to The Truth, Jesus Himself, and not be led to hell by false prophets.

Thanks for letting me know you’re harassing a kid just trying to use the bathroom. …I’m not on your side and will stand with this child. Get a life, they’re not hurting anybody.

[I replied:] As I’ve already mentioned, the school is hurting most of the girls at the school that are put out in using limited bathroom space to accommodate a confused boy that they are uncomfortable with. But if you don’t see that as hurting, then that’s just your problem.

[He replied:] No one is being hurt. You’re a garbage person. I’ve seen your facebook page where you claim to be a Christian. Is this really what you think Jesus would be doing? Lose my email address. I’m not sure how you got it but just be aware my kids have been going to Fox hollow since they opened their doors and I know everyone there. I will do whatever I can to make sure you’re unsuccessful. Elementary schools are no place for your bigotry.

[I replied:] Yes, Jesus said that it would be better for a millstone to be hung around a person's neck and he should be thrown into the deep of the sea rather than offend one of these little ones (Matt. 18:6). So if you're going to accuse others of not being Christlike, you should probably know what Christ taught. You need to repent before it's too late.

[He replied:] That’s the problem with “Christians” like you. Picking and choosing the parts of Jesus‘ message to suit you.

[I replied:] Didn't you just pick and choose? You leftists are all the same. You love what Jesus said about being loving, but forget about His teaching about loving your enemies with the truth. Further, you conveniently dismiss why Christ was put on the cross. It wasn't because He just let everyone believe whatever they want and go to hell. You stand for what's right, you'll get attacked, just like you're doing to me. You're free not to respond if you want me to lose your email address.

Praying you'll repent and follow Jesus, whose kingdom is the only thing worth living for!



Greetings Mr. Rob Sivulka!... I had the pleasure of hearing you speak on my mission trip to Utah about two months ago. I have a question about the Book of Abraham.

You mentioned in the lecture that shortly after the Joseph Smith Papyri were discovered, the Mormon Church hired somebody to take a look at these documents. The person who took a look at these documents subsequently left the Church because he could read Egyptian Hieroglyphics. The Mormon Church then criticized him saying that he did not have a PhD.

What was this gentleman's name again (the one who left the church)? I think that this is a fantastic piece of information to know off the top of my head. Thanks!

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