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I just got a box full of my new book, Sharing the Good News with Mormons: Practical Strategies for Getting the Conversation Started (Harvest House), a month prior to its actual release. If you sign up to become a monthly partner of our ministry, I will gladly send you a signed copy of it at no cost. If you simply want to buy it, I will sell a signed copy for $18 (includes shipping and handling within the United States).  Amazon lists it for $19.99 without shipping and tax. 

Here’s the official site for the book. I will contribute an addition chapter, a couple radio interviews, and video intro to my chapter on this site, so stay tuned.

LDS Missionaries


I stopped a couple LDS missionaries walking down the street last month while out running errands. One was from Washington and the other from South Carolina. I had about 10 minutes. I immediately gave them the "Jesus Christ/Joseph Smith" DVD, asked where they're from, how long on mission, and then asked if they've read the Bible and if they see anything contrary to their faith. The one from WA shook my hand and thanked me for my concern and how he knew it was indicative that I loved God. I prayed for them, and then hugged them. You can pray for them as well.

Jordan River Temple Opening


The Jordan River Temple opening came to an end on the 28th of last month. It was the longest temple opening I can remember—6 weeks! It was a difficult outreach. A lot of outreach was done in front of the Stake Center where the patrons picked up the bus to start the tour at the ward next to the temple.  The patrons would also take the bus back to the Stake Center.  The patrons here were very closed-minded.  Here’s a video I took called “Pulling Teeth at the Jordan River Temple Opening.”

From front to back: Keith Riley, Zoe and Charis, and Adam Dommeyer outside the Jordan River Stake Center
From front to back: Keith Riley, Zoe and Charis, and Adam Dommeyer outside the Jordan River Stake Center
Other outreach was done on the nearby corner to advertise my sign to local traffic.  One LDS guy named Trevor came by to ask me what I was up to standing outside the Jordan River Temple with my sign. I went through the typical things with him, and at the end of the conversation he said that he was the guy who drove past me and told me to just go home. He apologized to me. I told him not to worry about it. I get all sorts of reactions out there. He let me pray for him and then I hugged him. He also readily took a JC/JS DVD. You can pray for him as well. Again, web site advertising worked like a fishing lure!

By far, though, the last day of the outreach was the best day! I planted myself directly outside the temple as the Stake Center wasn’t really being used much. People were parking in the temple parking lot as well as the ward next to it, but mostly on the street. Thankfully a Facebook friend, Eddie Vasquez, came by to help pass papers out, since I couldn’t cover both east entrances by myself. We must have got out around 100 papers!  I also had two noteworthy conversations.
I talked to a young guy named Tyler, who was waiting for his whole LDS family to go through the temple.  He no longer believed it and didn’t want to go through. He took my paper and DVD, and let me pray for him. I got to share the gospel with him and encouraged him on why he shouldn’t be too quick to throw out anything that smacks of religion. I also was able to give him some basic evidence for the Christian faith.

Another conversation I had was with an older lady named Debbie. She was staunchly LDS, but was very open to respectfully reasoning with me. We must have talked for about an hour! We talked briefly before she went in and then mostly when she came out. She thought I was wasting my time out there, and that any supposed differences we held to about God/Jesus were largely irrelevant. I suggested to her after all we discussed that perhaps the problem is that she’s just blind to the truth. Well, we left on good terms, and even hugged each other.

Bob, Benny, Zoe, and Charis Sivulka touring the temple
Bob, Benny, Zoe, and Charis Sivulka touring the temple
What Happened to Brother Scott?

I have no more critiques on Brother Scott’s Book of Mormon witnesses presentations simply because he hasn’t had any more.  The last one was March 26th. He claimed he had a total of 6 presentations, but I only was able to attend 3.  Hopefully my critiques and advertising outside his presentations had a part to play in this and no more misleading presentations will be forthcoming from this conman!


Adam Dommeyer came to share his testimony of almost being a Mormon. You can watch that here and see the pics here. Also, Adam’s book just became available for ordering. My recommendation is printed in the book.

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Be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:6)!

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Subject: You and your nonsense

I would suggest that if you were to stand outside a Jewish synagogue trying to correct them  and behave with your “mission team” the way you do outside LDS temples, you would not be greeted by those ever patient smiles of members. It is likely that you would get a smack in the mouth. One thing is certain is that you will not be received in the same wayI think you should give it a go. After all, they are in need of correction too aren’t they?

Then there are the Catholics. Maybe you should look up Leo Zagani to know of the evils of Catholicism which with the Protestants you associate on your site with Christianity. Maybe you should be aware of the police break up of the gay orgy going amongst the Catholic clergy at the Vatican last year.

Eddie Vasquez distributing literature outside the temple
Eddie Vasquez distributing literature outside the temple
Cardinal Pell is here in Australia charged with interfering with several young boys at his local public swimming pool in Sydney. Don’t talk to me about Christianity.

You young man are misinformed by the philosophies of men . The general apostasy mentioned in scripture and the subsequent restoration and restitution of all things is disregarded by you and those like you for your own convenience.  As far as you are concerned there has been no apostasy and the prophets got it all wrong.

I am 73 years old. I investigated all religions thoroughly with prayer and fasting and I was very clearly directed to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I have been a member for forty three years. From the very beginning I trusted in the Lords guidance as I do to this very day. He has never let me down.

[I replied:] I am called to Mormons, not Jews.  I'll do the ministry God has called me to.  Further, Mormons have assaulted me on the street a number of times.  The last time was for the Cedar City temple opening in November when someone threw stones at me 3 times, and one of them hit me in the leg.

You have a false god and he's leading you to hell.  The real God wants you to repent before it's too late.  You old man are misinformed by the philosophy of the false prophet Joseph Smith.  Love,

[He replied:] The Bible is replete with references to an apostasy and restoration. To blessings and promises on the head of Joseph and his seed when blessed by his father Jacob. Reference to the establishing of a righteous branch of the House of Israel to be established in the top of the mountains and the everlasting hills. You need to read Isaiah and Jeremiah thoroughly. Jeremiah 23 v1 applies directly to people like you. The Lord continues to speak to his prophets if this the last dispensation. You seriously think he would visit His other sheep mentioned in the gospel of John and not command that a record of his dealings with them would not be kept. Or that the lost tribes in the lands of the North will not have a similar record. Ezekiel was commanded to provide those records. God’s mouth is not closed since Deuteronomy or until the collection of books added to the bible up to Revelations . There are 17 signs of the true church mentioned in the KJV. You must surely be familiar with them.

If you have a sense of real discernment you will see amongst the latter day saints the Christ like attributes that the Lord expects them to develop. They are a credit to His church. As he said in His preface to his Doctrine and Covenants “the only true church on the face of the whole earth of which I , the Lord am well pleased, speaking of the church collectively and not individually”. The whole are not in need of the physician, but they that are sick.

As you will see in this video, there was no conspiracy to defraud, nor was there any delusion, nevertheless the severe persecution of young Joseph began from when he was a mere youth. It continues against the Church to this day. Little has changed. 

Then there was the conversion of the young man from a Catholic family. The family ostracized him after he joined the church. His sister called him “a child of the devil”. See what message his father received which he said himself had come from God whilst he was in a coma in hospital, and the young mans amazing experience on his mission. 


[I replied:] Every Christian acknowledges the Bible teaches apostasies. No one other than restorationist cults think the Bible teaches the Church would perish and need restoration. 


As for Ezekiel, I addressed that here.

As for the other sheep, I addressed that here.

As for the 17 Points, there are plenty of Christian critiques.  Here's one by a friend of mine:
Of course Smith would be persecuted by teaching a neo-pagan, sci-fi, polygamist fertility cult to the majority of Americans who weren't true followers of Christ, but still held to the traditions of Christianity.  That doesn't prove what Smith taught was true.  Minorities typically are persecuted.  So what?

[He replied:] The Lord will not judge you by your critiques, theory and interpretation of scripture. He will judge you by your willingness to demonstrate your love to Him by keeping his commandments, and extending love, charity and forgiveness to all men. This is what true conversion is about after all. In both respects, latter day Saints have in general measured up particularly well. From my experience among them I have found them to be among the most righteous and loving people I have ever met. If their doctrine is wrong and their prophets are false, why has their "false God" influenced them so much to do good. We must be doing something right.

It would seem that you and your "mission team" would prefer to destroy the good living, happiness, and Christ like life the Church has promoted to millions. Maybe you should spend less of your time on your proselyting mission to the Mormons,  and more time focusing on your own spiritual welfare. Life passes quickly then our period of probation and time for improvement is over. i wish you well. Hope you watched the videos.


From: youreALiar


really? you really think you have a right to shake peoples testimonies like that!?! Mormons are Christian, as Cristian literally means follower of Christ. I know we all have the freedom of speech, but we also have the freedom of religion. its just wrong to try and demonize us like that. I have been a Mormon for my whole life, and almost everything in this page is a lie, or you are twisting it so much that it hardly resembles the truth anymore. I saw this protestor standing outside of the conference center advertising this site. and one outside the salt lake temple in Utah. apparently they know nothing about psychology. if you get up in their face and yell at them, they are, at best turn around and walk away. and the bible also supports the book of Mormon and vice versa. thanks a lot for all the laughs/ buckets o lies. thx for the entertainment.


Rob with Jennifer
Rob with Jennifer
[Jennifer wrote on my Facebook page:] Craziness...I met Rob when I was a teenager at the Manti Pageant. He was there ministering to the Mormons about Christianity. I got lectured for hours after I stopped to speak to him. He planted a seed that I didn’t even recognize. Fast forward to just a few years ago, I saw a sign that reminded me of his website ( and it prompted me to start asking those questions that we’re running in my head. The rest is history.... ❤️ Thank you Rob for sharing the message as boldly as you do!! You touched my heart even though it took 15 years to act on..
And thank you for coming and supporting our youth kids tonight! It speaks volumes to your character. 🙌🏻

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