Rob and Tara sharing in Temerin, Serbia
Rob and Tara sharing in Temerin, Serbia (sister-in-law Jelena translating)
Rob sharing in Novi Sad, Temerin
Rob sharing in Novi Sad, Temerin
Tara shares her testimony in Novi Sad
Tara shares her testimony in Novi Sad
Rob shares at Inter-Varsity, Novi Sad
Rob shares at Inter-Varsity, Novi Sad
Rob shares at the recovery center, Temerin
Rob shares at the recovery center, Temerin
As I stated in the last newsletter, given a generous gift from Tara’s late LDS grandfather, we were able to go to Paris, France and I was able to go through the LDS temple opening there and do some ministry.  Last month, we were able to continue on to Serbia and do some ministry there as well.  My brother is a pastor/missionary/humanitarian aid worker there, so we spoke at his church in Temerin during a Sunday morning.  Then later that day we spoke at probably one of the largest Evangelical churches in Serbia, The Christian Fellowship in Novi Sad, which is affiliated with my brother’s church.  We spoke there for a couple services.  I met a guy there who is in charge of the local Inter-Varsity group, and he invited me to come share the next night to a group of high school and college students.  Then the following morning I spoke to a small group of guys at a recovery center, which is connected to my brother’s church.  With the exclusion of the last event, I shared variations of my 3 Criteria for Testing the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith and Tara shared her testimony simply at the church services.  My brother and his wife translated my 7 Differences tract into Serbian many years ago, so we had those to pass out.  At the recovery center, I shared my testimony and a lot of the headaches I have experienced in remaining faithful to the call of ministry on my life.


On our way to Serbia, I had opportunities to get the Jesus Christ/Joseph Smith DVD out to LDS and LDS missionaries.  We also came across a number of JW’s (Jehovah’s Witnesses) in major metropolitan areas.  I said some things to the JW’s, but not sure how much was understood given the language barrier.      


San Francisco


On an unexpectedly very long layover back home in San Francisco, we took an Uber in to see the Wharf area. The JW’s were there as well set up to distribute their propaganda.  I started by telling the two women that I loved them, but I had to warn them about what they were teaching. I told them that they are preaching a false god and a false Christ. I told them that they have devalued Jesus from what the Bible describes as God over all blessed forever in Rom. 9:5.


I also told them that they have rejected what Christ promised about raising His body from the dead. One JW said, "We believe that Christ rose from the dead." I told her that JWs reject that it was His body that got up from the grave and Christ specifically said in John 2 that He would raise it up after they destroyed His temple.


I then said that no one holds that Christ was crucified on a torture stake rather than a cross. Their view is rejected by everyone, and there's no good reason to hold their view.


I said there's no good reason to trust the Watchtower when they have continued to give false prophecies about Christ's return.


I told them that I wanted to tell them about my website, but they said they weren't interested. I told them, “You may not be now, but perhaps you may be later when God gets you to start questioning your faith. Many begin to question and many leave the Watchtower and come to faith in Christ, so please remember when and if you become more open-minded.”


They pretty much stood there and let me say whatever I wanted the whole time. I encourage you to also give them something to think about when you walk by them.




The annual Manti Pageant begins this week and goes until the 24th.  Please keep all us evangelists coming from all over the globe in your prayers, and pray that God will open the hearts and minds of the LDS people.


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We expect God to provide for our needs through you.  Why?  Because the Bible is clear: “the Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel” (1 Cor. 9:14).

Be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:6)!

Rob Sivulka
President, Courageous Christians United
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Just read the newsletter and your account of the interaction with the Mormon missionaries in front of your home. Telling them and other LDS that they’re going to hell may (or may not) be pragmatic, but is it justified? Mormons teach a false gospel that’s completely incompatible with the Bible’s teaching. But what if some Mormons are “accidentally” Christian; that is, they put their faith in a Jesus who is essentially the biblical one, who is qualitatively different from you and me and angels? (I say “accidentally” to mean that they are Christians in spite of their attendance in the LDS church; it’s not an accident from God’s point of view.) I would expect that such Mormons exist, even though they may be few in percentage.



[I replied:] I wasn't talking to accidental Mormons who were Christians.  I know such exist.  However, I was talking to those who deny who Jesus claimed to be by devaluing Him and God, and thus these LDS were idolaters who needed to repent or they'll be in hell.  That's what motivates me to evangelize them and the overwhelming majority of Mormons.


[He replied:] You’re probably right about LDS missionaries – I’ll take your word for it that the odds of their “accidentally” holding a fundamentally orthodox view of Jesus are pretty low. Do you think that’s the same for rank-and-file Mormons in general? The vast majority of Mormons don’t go on missions, so I don’t know how theologically astute they are, what they’re generally taught, which LDS scriptures (if any) they’re likely to read on their own, etc.

Btw, I think you might have misunderstood the point of my question. I’m all for evangelizing LDS and I’m not at all likely to confuse their theology with anything remotely close to Christianity. And even if it turns out that there’s a reasonable likelihood that a fair percentage of rank-and-file LDS are “accidental” Christians, they should still be evangelized as well. My one and only point was about the appropriateness of proclaiming that they’re going to hell – as opposed to proclaiming something like “if you believe the Mormon ‘gospel’ instead of the biblical one, you are going to hell”. (Not an ideal revision, IMO, but it’s in the ballpark.) It’s not as pithy, but the likelihood that the latter is true seems to me much greater than the former – unless you think that the odds of coming across as Mormon who is really a (confused) Christian in spite of himself or herself is somewhere between minuscule and infinitesimal.


[I replied:] Odds or not these girls affirmed their wacky beliefs.  However, the odds are quite good that your average LDS holds these wacky beliefs.  I've been evangelizing LDS since I was a kid.  These things are bred into them by and large. 

Keep in mind that LDS are great at talking the Christian lingo, and it takes skill to push the right buttons to make all these wacky beliefs start coming out.  This is why most Christians don't get it.  They talk to their LDS friends and they seem to say all the right stuff.  Christians need to learn Mormonese and then it becomes apparent what LDS really believe.  It's very rare when I do run into an LDS person who doesn't buy these beliefs.  But I have certainly run into them and I would never tell them they're headed to hell.  Instead, I try to warn them of false prophets and what the LDS Church actually teaches and how different that is from what the Bible teaches.


We are thankful for the ministry God has placed you all in out there in the West and pray that many hearts will be receptive to the truth of the gospel, being delivered from the bondage of such a system as the mormon church.

Could you expound upon the "history" of the Apostasy and how to respond to the claims of there ever having been one, please and thank you?  It seems like this is foundational and is something that I desire our family to have a clear understanding of.


[I replied:] Please see here and here.  

Hope these FAQs are helpful.


Thank you guys for sharing this wonderful fellowship meeting and testimony of sister Angie and bringing all your bread to the table, so glad I was led to find it and I wanted to add some thoughts inspired while listening. Grace is love, charity's polarity, and the law is perfect impression of love manifest in the flesh convicting all flesh as sinful, the law is the rules of love perfectly expressed by grace the working of love which is the thought I had viewing this fellowship that by God's grace in and by our Lord Jesus Christ,His love you have established the law coming together in His name through faith, all praise and thanks be to our Lord and God and thanks to all of you, think of turning a glove inside out and laying it down to observe and then turning it back outside in.I have been filled up, to be Holy is to love purely and sincerely without thought by grace, I had recently heard another brother express a similar quote as describe tonight by a brother present regarding sanctification, which went something like, "I am saved, I am being saved, I will be saved" As the Word suggests we will know Jesus how we are now known and we will marvel and admire His love, our heavenly Fathers love in one another and I had a delightful taste watching and fellow shipping with you, when I was a child when I heard the voice "What would you like to be when you grow up?" I really deep down just wanted to say "I would like to be myself and stay as I am thank you very much indeed for asking, beside what is to do with thee anyhow and who are you behind that voice anyhow!?" but I did'nt have Jesus then and we had a sin problem I needed dealing with.


Praying for you all and all that you do and as those in need, for the Lords love to be magnified and have free course in reaching out to the lost.


Thanks for the info man. Have you heard the Mormon hymn that says, "hail to the prophet/ascended to heaven"... it should say, "hail to the Saviour/ascended to heaven"


[I replied:] Yes, it's called Praise to the Man.


I stumbled upon this site looking for answers about mormons. I had a couple missionaries stop by and give me a book of mormon. I was raised baptist so I didn't know. But after reading the comments on your site, you have convinced me. I think I will try going to their church. Cause your commentary is so full of hate, that I cannot believe your a *real* follower of Jesus Christ.

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Chan says... (Reply)
"If you were rasised Baptist why would you even consider going to a Mormon church?? Open your Bible to John 1 and read the first three chapters. If you believe God's Word is true these scriptures should convince you to understand who God is and how much he loves you. It is not hate to tell the truth about your eternadl destiny. The Mormon church is a cult--don't be fooled. There are many websites that can teach you about mormonism. Please seek them out." (6/19/17)