September 9, 2008

Dear Family and Friends,

Rob, Tara, Maddy, Miles Kilpatrick, with Laurie and John Kauer
Here is an email from some friends of ours, who just moved to Utah to do ministry: "We are so grateful that God used Rob's exhortation for more Christians to move to Utah to stir my heart. It is an eight year quest. Thanks Rob for being a BIG part in this whole thing and we look forward to many years of ministry together. …John and Laurie Kauer" We just went to their going away party the end of last month, and are a little envious that they are beating us back to Utah! Several years ago, I also encouraged the people John and Laurie are now working under, Tim and Suzi Oliver of Watchman Fellowship, to move to Utah. I want to encourage many of you reading this to pray about moving to Utah. We need more Christians in a state that in many ways is a foreign mission field within the United States.

While I continue to tract and focus on finishing my book on Mormonism, Tara has been meeting with disillusioned LDS women who have been visiting our church. Here's her report for last month:

"I recently met with Kay (name changed), a Mormon single mom with 3 kids, who recently became disillusioned with the LDS Church and has been attending different Christian churches. She's very open to talking about her faith seems to understand grace vs. works. She grew up in the LDS Church and most of her family is still very active. We met over dinner and she asked me why I didn't think Mormons are Christian. I went into the Isaiah 43:10 passage and explained there was only one God. She seemed pretty receptive to everything I said, but was also somewhat hesitant. She admitted feeling bad for talking poorly about the LDS Church. I understood, saying I use to feel the same way, but I think it was from all the brainwashing we had growing up in it. I told her God doesn't want us to fear like the LDS Church. We also talked about how as a Mormon you need to be worthy to take sacrament. I told her that before I take communion I confess my sins to God, but then I am free to take communion. I don't see how any Mormon should ever take communion, because no matter how hard they try, they still aren't worthy. It's a good reminder how the LDS Church is not a place for healing, but a place to show off your good works. Kay asked me why I thought Joseph Smith made up the Book of Mormon and I told her I thought that it was with the help of Satan and that Smith wanted glory and fame. We talked about how Smith was a treasure hunter and a polygamist. Kay is very open to learning more, but she is having a hard time accepting truth, understandable after coming out of a cult. Kay is tired of the guilt and shame she feels and she desperately needs to be set free in Christ. Her children grew up in the LDS church and are somewhat resistant to the idea of attending a different church. Please pray for her and her family."

Currently, we are still averaging about 30% of the monthly funding needed to get us back to Utah. We have a long way to go. If you believe in this mission, then we need your help! Please send in a tax-deductible investment today. If everyone reading this simply gave $25 per month, we would have no problem being at 100% of what we need. Please see our "Invest" page for more specific information.

Thank you so much for your concern, financial investments, and prayers for this ministry, and for those trapped by false religions and philosophies.

Rob Sivulka
President, Courageous Christians United
[email protected]


1. For more speaking venues
2. For our health (last month was rough for both Tara and I with a number of doctor and dentist visits)
3. For more members to join our Ex-Mormon Meetup recovery group
4. For money to put down on a big enough home in Utah
5. For my book


Greetings in the name of Jesus! Just want to say thank you for posting the video of my father, Dr. Walter Martin. What a blessing it is to see! …God bless you! Cindy

"Cheat Sheet for Witnessing to Mormons" Well, well, you got that right -- You "Cheat" better than anyone I know! Would you like to answer a few of my questions on why you believe Jesus is a LOSER? So where's all that born again Christian "love?"

If faithful Latter-day Saints burn in hell forever, as you so ignorantly believe, it's our Lord who suffers all of the loss -- Not You! So why should anyone listen to you, who are you that I should know you? But one thing is for absolute certain, you are No God -- Praise Be To God!

I Love ur myspace. my son (18) turned mormon for his GF. long story short he left that false church after a short (but long for us)6 months. I showed him ur myspace and he LOVES it. He is now trying to save other mormons, from that false church. I love ur pic I live in San Diego LOL

Why does your heart breaks for the Mormon people? I moved to Utah and was converted to the LDS faith a short time ago. My family was also converted. We love the values, the programs, the spirit, the love, the friendship the church offers. We went on a trip this summer to NY (long island) and attended a LDS meeting. We felt the same way there as we did in Utah. It was nice to see that the LDS people in NY treated us the same. My children are learning to serve others, pay offerings to help others, to give to others, and live a life of values. We love the girls (YW) program. I could not ask for anything better. If the LDS church is a cult, it is the best ran and most successful cult of all times. I do believe in Jesus. Tell me of a better religious organization that teaches, serves, and has programs for all age groups? This is the first church I have belonged too that allows me to serve other members. We love it and will share it with our family amd friends. What does your church have to offer other? I got " My heart breaks for the Mormon people" from your web. I was just looking at what other people say about the LDS faith.

I'll pray that the townhome not only SELLS, but for a profit! Hang in there!

"Invest" in a fraud? No thanks!

I came upon your website from searching the internet. I was looking to start my own website and I found yours. I do not wish to argue, or condem your way of living. As my motto is "to each his own." I realize that even though right now in my life, mormonism is perfect for me, it may not be for everyone at this point.

My only opinion is this; one thing i can say about the LDS church is that we never bag on anyone because of their religion. Never. As a church we do not do this. What people choose to do on their own is their thing and it's sad that the church gets brought down with it. I do not know your past, or why you have a problem with this church, but i would love to listen. I haven't been a member my whole life. I joined the church on December 22 2007. before i joined the church i was a different person. I was un happy with my life and myself. I was a cutter, and a suffered from eating disorders. I was drinking and doing drugs every weekend. My family gave me the choice of either coming to live with my LDS family or girl's rehab. I chose my family. I came here, determined to not "let those mormons get to me." as i was a strong wiccan. After just three days of being here i could already feel the happiness around me. I went to a conference with my family and as i listened to a returned sister missionary, i welled up and tried to force out the amazing feeling now taking over me. It was a few days later my cousin and I were driving our recently deceased grandfathers mustang to get it washed. we were goingg to our house to get something when right down the street the car broke down right in front of the missionaries apartment as they were walking outside. We walked into the yard and introduced me, i got a book of mormon and i took the car stalling in that exact place at that time as a sign. So, i set up a meeting wiith them. Even as i took those first few discussions with the elders, i still wasn't sure if i could believe them. I mean, a fourteen year old prophet? Even now, it seems insane to me, but i never doubt it. As i doubted myself i thought i at least owed it to myself and the elders to try. so, one night i knelt down and with an open heart i prayed. i asked my father in heaven if the book of mormon was true. and the answer i recieved was a burning in my chest like i had never felt. ever. it is like nothing in the world. it's amazing. I was baptized and even though i have a hard time sometimes letting my old life go, the church brings me so much happiness. All i had to do was listen. I'm not saying go out and get baptized. all i am saying is not to judge something until you have (with an open heart and sincere thought) read the book of mormon and tried when speaking to missionaries . . .
I ask this this of you. nothing more. I love this church; i know the church is true and i know that smith was a true prophet of God. I know that it is true and love it with all my life.

I will pray for you and ask you to do the same...

I love you man I could never be as bold and powerful in the faith as you, keep up the good work for once we get to heaven you'll be able to reep the harvest

This isn't much but we had an extra paycheck last month & wanted to honor our pledge to you to help out when we could.

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Lara says... (Reply)
"Hi Rob and Tara,
I will add these prayers to my prayers this month.
I have given to your ministry before, but I got laid off. I would be glad to support your ministry. Ya, I think I can send you $25 a month. I will start doing that in October, and let you know if there are any changes.
I hope you are Tara are well.
God bless you!

God bless you and Tara." (9/10/08)
Lara says... (Reply)
"Hi Rob and Tara,

I don't have a bank account right now, or a credit card, or PayPal, or I do, but it is empty, so, I would be glad to make a $25 donation to your ministry every month, but I have to send it in the mail, so I am letting you know. :)

God bless you!
Lara" (9/10/08)