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Percy Jones says... (Reply)
"you jesus freaks have no more proof than the mormons have.

you all fail when it comes to proving your pathetic beliefs.

anyone can write a book and have it considered to be scripture. all you have to do is introduce it to the right people who can't think for themselves. and then there goes a new tradition of passing down a belief from one generation to another.

you're wasting your time. prove your god exists or you're just a failure in your own beliefs." (7/5/10)
Rob Sivulka says... (Reply)
"God's existence has been proven, including Jesus' resurrection. You just reject it. There is so much to prove this, and to compare this to LDS who have nothing shows how much you have your head in the sand. At very least, we have places and people in our Bible that our found in reality outside the Bible. For a case for God's existence and Jesus' resurrection, try watching some of the videos I have on my Videos page. Try this debate for starters:" (7/6/10)