Transgender saga

Great news! The Utah legislature overwhelmingly advanced a “bathroom bill” to the governor and surprisingly, he signed it, making Utah the 10th state to restrict government bathrooms, locker rooms, showers etc. to people of the same biological sex. Here’s a recent article. There is an exception. A compromise allows an individual who undergoes sex-change surgery and gets his/her birth certificate changed with the new gender to use the private space in keeping with one’s updated birth certificate. That would rule out almost all cases, especially those under 18 where sex-reassignment surgery is not allowed here in Utah.

The day after the bill was signed into law, I dropped my daughter off at school and told her to start using the multi-stall bathrooms again, and if that boy tries to come in, tell him that what he’s doing is against the law. I also told her to tell the teachers and the principal that if they won’t restrict him, then we will sue the school as well as the district. My daughter was very happy about this, since she gets to stay at this school with her friends. My wife and I were planning on some sort of other education for both our daughters, but for now, we plan on keeping them in Jordan School District. We really appreciate what the Utah governor and legislature have done, since we really value the French Immersion program our daughters have been receiving since they were in 1st grade.

I also want to thank those of you who have been praying about this situation and offering encouragement. It has caused a lot of grief ever since the school year started. I have met with the principal twice, talked to many parents, state school board members, lawyers, parents’ rights advocates, the Jordan District School Board (here is the video if you missed it), the administrator of elementary schools for our district, the associate superintendent for the district, the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) administrator, as well as many local news agencies. I even filed state and federal Title IX complaint forms. I basically did everything I could do, but it seemed to be falling on deaf ears. At one point, I was so frustrated, I  wanted to immediately take our daughters out of school. However, we decided to wait until next year, since at least in the meantime, our daughter who was specifically affected by this was allowed to use private bathrooms that were shared by multiple classrooms. So you can understand why this new law is such welcome news.

LDS attending Christian churches

Last month, Chip Thompson of Ephraim, UT Church of the Bible and Tri-Grace Ministries reported that an LDS couple have been attending their church and the LDS Church assigned them to go there. He said that the LDS Church is doing this all over Utah, and perhaps other places too. My dad told me that the former Utah Attorney General, John Swallow, and his wife attended my parents’ church and the LDS couple also said that they were assigned there. I checked with my pastor, and he said that the same thing is going on at our church. A friend also said that it is happening at their church. Why? We aren’t really sure. Chip speculates the LDS Church is desperate for acceptance as a Christian church. Then again, perhaps it is another conversion tactic.

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Be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:6)!

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Awesome. I think work like yours helped make this possible. What a fight!

Nice!! So this bill emerged because of your initial push back at the school right?

[I replied:] I'd like to think all the fuss I made had something to do with this, but I was told at the school board meeting I spoke at that these measures were already in the works.


...Seriously, way to persevere!

Common sense prevailed! Or is that still possible! Good for all of those who stood up, and spoke up for what is right!

That’s good news! Who would have believed, not long ago, that we’d have to be fighting for this?

No matter what one cuts off or adds to their body, their DNA will always be with XX or XY.
We need to stop this lunacy, it’s devastating young people whose lives are irreversibly changed, these barbaric mutilations turning them into a freakish thing that neither male nor female looking, exposing them to abuse, depression, physical pain and misery, unable to procreate or even enjoy pleasure.
Sorry for the rant

Hi Rob!

I can remember seeing the sign holders and yellers as I walked to see the lights at Mesa Temple every year with my grandmother.  I remember them every year as I went to the LDS Easter Pageant.  We averted our eyes, missed whatever was being said.  Kept walking.  Someone inevitably muttered something about "anti-Mormon."  The visual of you standing there holding that sign and raising a voice over the crowd brings back a different memory now... now that I'm a Believer in Jesus, now that I've seen you and witnessed with you on the streets of Manti.  Now that I've reached as many Christians and helped as many LDS on their journey out, and done my own little part with my own testimony... I am so thankful every time I see a picture like this.  Who knows what resources, advice, information you share is going to reach what person that will reach what LDS person and snatch them from the fire?  Only the Lord God Almighty, and He has made us fishers of men.  Blessings, and Happy New Year.

[From a friend I have argued with over the transgender/bathroom issue before; she responded to a mass email I sent out on Utah’s new law:] How very discriminatory of you!

[I replied:] So stupid and hypocritical. If you can discriminate against what I believe, then I can do the same against your position. Jesus did teach not to judge by appearance, but righteously (Jn. 7:24). Paul also taught that love rejoices in the truth (1 Cor. 13:6). Your position isn't love; it's harmful stupidity. We shouldn't have any laws on your view, since they all discriminate against others. You have been brainwashed by modern idiocy that teaches only your leftist, Johnny-come-lately position is loving. You need to wake up from your wokeism.



[She replied:] You have no idea my beliefs, my view, or that I’m no work leftist, seeing as you somehow poached my private information without even knowing me, and I’m not discriminating against you, I’m not actually organizing people against you and protesting your very person. Don’t pretend you’re WWJD over here.
A republican

[I replied:] RINO

[She replied:] You know what, I want to apologize. While I still believe adults shouldn’t rise up against a vulnerable kid with zero problem history, I responded in anger and shouldn’t have done so. I truly believe Jesus would have us put our arms in love around everyone, and that includes not only that kid but also you. I’ve failed there. I hope peace for you and your family, especially that your daughter learns love, compassion, acceptance too.  And I’m glad you feel she is more safe.

[I replied:] Thank you, that means a lot. I'm glad we can disagree and still be friends.

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