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Brandon says... (Reply)
"In 1999 a tornado swept through downtown Salt Lake City. The tornado killed one, enjured 80, and caused a lot of damage. The tornado went right through the heart of downtown, ripping up buildings. As the tornado approached the LDS Temple Square, it skipped across causing no harm or damage and began its destroying path on the other side. Does this mean that the LDS church is true? No, it just means that the weather is the weather. The path of tornados has no devine meaning. " (9/8/09)
Rob Sivulka says... (Reply)
"I was around during that time. It did knock out windows in Temple Square that were out for months. But it also destroyed some gay bars from what I was told. Now perhaps it doesn't have any meaning. But then again, maybe the Lord really is in charge of weather and lets events like this happen for a reason." (9/8/09)